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Thread: Nameberry memes

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    Me - *talking to boyfriend*

    *Subject of baby names comes up*

    Me - *Comes clean about embarrassingly long and detailed list*

    Boyfriend - *Not only finds it cute but says he likes a lot of them and has top ones that he likes that go together well *

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    ߡ Joplin Estelle ߡ Callie Freya ߡ Quincy Delilah ߡ Brighton Isabelle ߡ
    ߡ Luella Grey ߡ Keziah Drew ߡ Merritt Evelyn ߡ Chandler Esme ߡ
    ߡ Hollis Ruth ߡ Arden Matilda ߡ Daley Amelia ߡ Connie Isla ߡ
    ߡ Juno Loren ߡ Nayeli Faith ߡ Haven Clara ߡ Winslet Freya ߡ
    ߡ Aspen Colette ߡ Perry Helena ߡ Kamri Florence ߡ Lacey Eliza ߡ
    ߡ Oaklyn Aria ߡ Albany Evangeline ߡ Josie Liliana ߡ Neve Arabella ߡ
    ߡ Felicity Pearl ߡ Shiloh Ruby ߡ Penny Lucille ߡ Fallon Marie ߡ

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    Aparently the concept of usableness transfers with a random property of the name:

    "With people naming their child Apple, I don't see the problem with Grapefruit."
    "What's wrong with Xurxox? Names with X exist, like Xavier or Max!"
    "There are children called Christian but DH vetoed naming our son Atheist? wtf?"
    "North West has a direction for a name and is fine, so I don't see what's wrong with Down-The-Road-And-Then-Left-At-The-Tree."
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    A couple things that have happened to me within the past week:

    *looking at a thing all the kids in my school signed* "Why are there so mAnY Mikaelas/Michaelas/Mikaylas??"
    Boy next to me: *look of complete confusion*

    New person: "Hi, I'm Callum!"
    Me, completing forgetting my own boring name: "Callum? That's one of my favorite names!"
    Callum: ...
    Me: "Is it short for anything? That's just such a cool name, are you Scottish by any chance?"

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    the favorites
    lara dancer・kerensa june・elspeth marigold “elsie”・freya clarke・morgan skye “mori”
    cassius neal “cash”・lachlan archer “loch”・malcolm bay “callum”・adrian lars “lars”・elias clarke “eli”

    honorable mentions
    genevieve lark “vivi”・caia simone・lucia keats “lucy”
    clarke romulus・alexander neal・skyler caspian "skye"・callum davies

    my listography:

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    What do I want for Christmas? To relax and stop stressing out about my name list being under construction when I know perfectly well there'll probably never be a time when it's not.
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    667 Someone I'm following on Twitter posted this and I just had to share it with y'all. Huxtyn Ace. :^)
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