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Thread: Nameberry memes

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    *watching a documentary about Charlemagne on YouTube with DH*

    Him: Wow, that's a good name for a baby!
    Me: What is?
    Him: Sharla'd be great for a little girl!
    Me: You mean Charlemagne?
    Him: No, Sharla May...they just said it!

    Sad day for a Berry.

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    @lara88: For what it's worth I love Honey Tallulah! The two compliment each other perfectly. And it's rare I've seen anyone else like Trixie as a nn for Beatrix.

    Having named one of my twin toddler Sims Evanthe I received the dreaded 'How do you say that?' from a friend. I told her how to say it, she did, the world didn't end. Who'd've thought it!
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    OP: I am having a girl, and have decided on the middle name of Beverly, after my grandmother. What name goes good with that? Brother's name is Henry

    Reply1: I don't like Beverly. Have you thought about Wren??

    Reply2: Oooh, I love Wren! Matiliania Wren would go perfect with Henry.
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    stumbeling upon the Wikipedia page of Florence Nightingale and immediately wondering whose signature that combo is from
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