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Thread: Nameberry memes

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    Coming up with what you THINK is a good combo, but is actually just something your brain picked up from someplace else. I’ve been thinking about the combo Honey Clementine for a few days, sat down to get ready this morning, and realized it’s the name of a Yankee Candle sitting on my dresser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonstone View Post
    Some random user that only joined yesterday:
    *claims to be expecting B/G twins* OR *lists Lyonesse and Odysseus as their favorites*
    *gets 12 replies in 2 hours"

    Me, a moderator:
    *doesn't claim to be having a child*
    *loves names like Grover and Myrtle*
    *gets 1 reply in 24 hours*

    I guess it's the reason why I hardly ever post threads...
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    *Best friend goes on a first date*

    Her afterwards: “Yeah, he’s really great and we have a lot in common. He’s a feminist, he’s not sexist or racist or homophobic. He hates country music and likes soccer...”
    Me: “Okay but the most important thing is if he has the same taste in baby names.”
    Me: “Or is that just me.”
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    Me: *stresses about two names with the same end sound but absolutely 0 other similarities being too close*

    Also me: *Takes 3 and a half years to realise Pandora and Isidore are too similar*
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    Me - I can't like that name because it clashes with my last name
    Also me - F*** it everything clashes with every single name. It clashes with my own name. F**** it , F***** it , F**** it
    My name blog =

    Trying to organise my girls list over the next few weeks. Sorry in advance for all the posts.

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