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Thread: Nameberry memes

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    Quote Originally Posted by wandarine View Post
    Here it's Sophie.
    I spent too much time on this...
    That's so accurate.

    thinking about...
    Pearl, Ivo, Hugo, Margot, and Jonas

    vote on my combos

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    Quote Originally Posted by maerad View Post
    Clearly not British, every girl has the middle name Louise here. Maybe they just couldn't afford to pay that many Louises...
    I only know one person with the middle name Louise, most people my age either have Rose or Grace. Luckily, I'm not one of them lol.
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    Eliza Harriet Lily
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    Hugo Jackson Kit
    August Theodore Leslie ☾ Casper Edmund Jem
    Bruno Christopher Sherlock
    Leon Sebastian Fox Oscar Alexander Louis
    Robin Dorian Thomas

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    Quote Originally Posted by wandarine View Post
    I spent too much time on this...
    mood. same. me.
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    Craft a Name!

    First half: Ann, Ros, Mar, El, Juli, Cass, Luci, Sam

    Second half: belle, ella, anna, lyn, ley, iana, wen, ssa


    First letter: A, P, M, J, D, Z, K, C

    Second part: ax, aid, ans, and, ash, ais, ake, yle

    End: ton, sen, dan, nnen, en, ick, er, nny
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    Quote Originally Posted by wandarine View Post
    Here it's Sophie.
    I spent too much time on this...
    Hahaha that's so true. And it's nearly always the people who grew up with Jordan , Ryan , Jamie and Jesse lol.
    ➸ Keturah Jane ➸ Marlowe Lily ➸ Bea Katherine ➸ Cove Mariah ➸
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    ➸ Clementine Olivia ➸ Hollis Freya ➸ Jensen Georgia ➸ Kit Amelia ➸
    ➸ Baylor Genevieve ➸ Dorothy Bloom ➸ Betsy Violet ➸ Halston Elise ➸
    ➸ Reagan Isla ➸ Pearson Lucy ➸ Scottie Alexandra ➸ Collins Ruth ➸
    ➸ Shelby Imogen ➸ Ellery Maeve ➸ Kendall Faith ➸ Lainey Hazel ➸

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