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    All three are on my list as well. Landry for both, Langley for a girl, and Gentry for a boy.

    It's bizarre to me that so many Berries are opposed to "unisex" names and are so adamant that a name must either be boy or girl. It's just strange. I think views on gender have evolved enough that the generation that is being named now won't feel this way. But that's just me. To each his own!
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    Gentry is absolutely and utterly masculine-the first half of it is "gent" as in gentleman. Langley I don't care for at all. Landry I'm undecided about though definitely has a more masculine feel. I can see Landry growing on me, the more I look at it the more I like it, for a boy (it's very similar to Landon but different).
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    I honestly don't like any of them, either for a boy or a girl. Gentry, apart from being pretty much 100% masculine to me (Due to the whole Gent thing) is a social class, and together with Landry just makes me think of 'Landed Gentry'. While Langley is the best of the three, it's still a bit wordy, reminds me of gangly and still leans towards masculine.

    I'm not opposed to unisex names, I just think there are a lot more out there that would work better on a boy or girl, that are also less wordy.
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    I prefer Langley the most because even though it sounds like gangly, it doesn't give off the vibes that the others do. I think Langley Truett/Reed sound nice. For a girl, I'd like Langley Mariah or Langley Therese.

    For Landry, I see the word laundry. For that reason, I wouldn't put it on a girl because it gives a very 'women stay in the kitchen' type of vibe for me. But, I think Reed and Truett would works as middle names for the boys; Therese and Mariah again for the girls.

    Gentry seems like a "Mercedes", "Bentley", or "Porsche" type name to me. I would also keep the Therese, Mariah, Reed, and Truett options. Vanessa doesn't seem "feminine" enough imo to even out the masculine sound of Gentry.

    But, if you love these names go with what you like the best.

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    I am in no way against boy names on girls. However, the only one I really like is Landry, and while I know a teen girl and a baby boy with this name, it always leans boy for me. I am not a fan of the other 2, Gentry just reminds me of Montgomery Gentry and that screams all boy, and Langley only reminds me of the Air Force base and all that goes with it. I feel there are other unisex options out there that are better, and some are listed by others above.
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