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    Landry, Gentry & Langley as Unisex names

    We've decided to pick out three unisex names, and once we find out the sex, add middle names (our number we want is 3
    We've settled for Landry, Gentry and Langley. They are unique yet not too you-neek. Some names we've thought about are Langley Mariah (girl), Landry Reed (boy), Gentry Aiken (boy), Landry Therese (girl), Gentry Vanessa (girl), Langley Truett (boy).
    Do these flow good as both girl and boy names?
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    To be honest they really aren't my style and I find them more masculine than unisex. All three names are far too similar for siblings too! Landry an Langley are almost identical, while Landry and Gentry end in the same sound.

    I think you have much better options in your signature!

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    Landry sounds very masculine.
    Gentry, incorporating the word gent, is very masculine. And it comes off like naming a boy Prince or a girl Queen. If you have to say you're a part of the gentry class, everyone knows you aren't.
    Langley, while not at all my style, comes off as feminine at least. I wouldn't give it to a boy, especially if there's any chance of him being lanky.

    Langley Mariah (girl): It doesn't roll off my tongue.
    Landry Therese (girl): Ter-ezz or Ter-ee-suh? I could see Landry Terezz. But she'll still only be called Landry most of the time, which I can't see.
    Gentry Vanessa (girl): I just can't get past Gentry as a name, much less for a girl.

    Langley Truett (boy): The best of the choices, though I can't see a boy being called Langley day in and day out.
    Landry Reed (boy): Not my style and it sounds like the kid has three last names.
    Gentry Aiken (boy): I can't get past Gentry as a name, but Aiken like Clay Aiken makes it even worse. It doesn't even sound high-browed, which I'd minimally expect with a name like gentry.

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    Eh. I'd go with something different...please. Those names are very very masculine. They aren't unisex at all for me. If I was a girl and had one of those names I'd hate my name...and I have a very unfeminine name.

    But for dudes they're not bad! The only one I really like it Gentry.

    I wouldn't put them together as a sibset either. They're all very very similar and are constantly going to get their names confused.
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    These all seem very masculine to me. I wouldn't use them on a girl at all... I do like Landry Reed for a boy, though. Not too crazy about the rest.
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