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    Let me know what you think

    I would like some input on baby names. We don't know if it's a boy or girl yet. So here we go

    Boy names:
    Zekiah Ezekiel Corrales
    NN: Zeke, Zekey, Zekey-Zeke, Ki, Kiah, Z

    Zekiah Jadon Corrales

    Zekiah Amos Corrales

    Phineus Amos Corrales
    NN: Phiny, Finny, Phin, Finn

    Amos Jethro Corrales
    NN: A, Mo, Mo Mo, AJ

    Girl names:
    Genevieve Venus Corrales
    NN: Gen, Genny, V,

    Clementine Esperanza Corrales
    NN: Clem, Lem, Leme, Lemen

    Clementine Valentina Corrales

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    I dislike Zekiah with your lastname, so I vote for either Amos Jethro (really cool) or Phineus Amos, though I slightly prefer the first one.

    As for girls, Genevieve Venus is a bit too v-heavy, and although Genevieve is one of my favourite names, I don't like the combo very much.

    Clementine and Valentina share very similar endings, so they sound a bit off together. Clementine Esperanza, though, is gorgeous. It gets my vote.

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