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    Birth Announcements where I'm from

    Birth announcements around the state I live in (Maine). I included some siblings I found as well. Some are kind of interesting, others are boring lol.

    Kamya Janet
    Calliope Maeve
    Karmin Leryn
    Olivia Ruth + Lillian June, twin sisters join brothers Jack + Tate
    Aaliyah Marlene Kay Marie
    Avery Cadence
    Petra Olive
    Peregrine Fae Lolly
    Journey Mae
    Alydia Star
    Sarrena Marie
    Jocelyn Melody
    Maven Francesca
    Laura Grace
    Sadie Marie, joins siblings Alex + Lindsey
    Krystina Jordyn-Faith

    Sincere Raymond, joins siblings Josiahez Dennis, Mateo Daniel, and Elena
    Uriah Scott, joins siblings Savanna + Mason
    Chevy Michael
    Henrik Van
    Forrest Cote
    Maxfield Corbett
    Wilder Brown
    Jayden Gerard
    Jacob Sophiak
    Keilan Edward
    Anthony Jaymz
    Lincoln Cedric
    Jayvion Channing
    Kagan Patrick
    Dykenn Parker

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    Wow! Those are some interesting differnt names--Im personally so happy to see that! But Sincere? Im not so sure about that one!

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    A very diverse list of styles indeed. I like these:

    Calliope Maeve -- This is fantastic. Love Calliope and though not fond of Maeve myself, it works here beautifully.
    Olivia Ruth & Lillian June (Jack) -- Great set here...though Tate ruins it a little, I must say.
    Petra Olive -- not fond of either name myself, however, she certainly stands out from the crowd in a good way, against the likes of Leryn, Kamya and Sophiak for example...
    Journey Mae
    Mateo Daniel & Elena
    Henrik Van
    Lincoln Cedric - See Petra Olive.
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