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    Quote Originally Posted by ashleyjo View Post
    Hello! Before I get to the question, I'd like to go ahead and get introductions out of the way. My name is Ashley and I'm becoming a 1st time mom in late-July or possibly early-August. And I'm having twins. Yay!

    Anyway, I came up with one girl name and one boy name before figuring out I was having two girls. The girls name I came up with before was Annabelle Skye, and I intend to use that name. However, I can't figure out another name to go with it. I'd like a name that rings with Annabelle Skye, but not something so similar that the twins get confused when someone calls one of them. Anyone that helps me out will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    Annabelle Sky is a pretty name with a elegant first name up-front and a hippy induced middle name. I prefer the spelling Annabel however I think the extra 'le' just seems fussy similarly to Juliet/Juliette the 'te' seems over the top. Still Annabelle is perfectly fine. Maybe you could follow this theme stylistically with the second twin.

    Here are some suggestions...
    Eleanor Lake ~ Annabelle Sky & Eleanor Lake
    Felicity Rain ~ Annabelle Sky & Felicity Rain
    Juliet Storm ~ Annabelle Sky & Juliet Storm
    Vivienne Willow ~ Annabelle Sky & Vivienne Willow
    Louisa Wren ~ Annabelle Sky & Louisa Wren
    Francesca Lark ~ Annabelle Sky & Francesca Lark
    Catherine Jewel ~ Annabelle Sky & Catherine Jewel
    Gabriella Chase ~ Annabelle Sky & Gabriella Chase
    Victoria Daisy ~ Annabelle Sky & Victoria Daisy
    Genevieve Breeze ~ Annabelle Sky & Genevieve Breeze

    : )

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