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Thread: Nicknames

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    What do you think of my top names with their nicknames?

    David Walter - DW
    Hector Eleazar - Hec
    Castiel Warren - Cas
    Aubrey Mark - Aubs
    Gerard Castle - Gee (geek without the K)
    Madison Drake - Mad Man or Maddie
    Dexter Vaughn - Dex
    Emory Anthem - Em
    Kipling Augustine - Kip
    Bailey Arthur - Bayleaf
    Thomas Castle - Omas (oh-miss)
    Henry Ross - Hoss (haws)
    Loren Ross - Lore

    Alice Lorraine - Licey (lee-see)
    Amalia Esmé -Malia
    Hermione Clarisa - Mione (my-oh-knee)
    Athena Isis - Thena
    Elisabeth Story - Elsa
    Freya Luz - Frey
    Anya Gwendolyn - Annie
    Amabel Gertrude - Ama
    Lola Ivy - Lol (lawl)
    Dahlia Jean - Dahlie
    Theodora Pearl - Dora
    Vivian Estella - Viv

    If you HAD to give your top names a nickname, what would they be?
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    I love your names the way they are -- without nicknames, but I generally dislike almost all nicknames.

    That being said, if I had to pick the top names with a nickname, I guess I would choose...

    Loren Ross - Lore
    Elisabeth Story - Elsa
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    I like the majority of your nicknames, love Bayleaf, not a fan of Lol.

    Charlotte Evangeline- Charlie
    Matilda Florence- Mattie
    Adelaide Elizabeth- Ada

    Austen Theodore- Austie/Ace
    Elliott Hezekiah- Ezzie
    Walter Theodore
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    The only nicknames I like out of these are for Castiel (Cas), Dexter (Dex), Kipling (Kip), Elisabeth (Elsa), Theodora (Dora) and Vivian (Viv). The rest of the names don't really need nicknames, or the nicknames given are odd.

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    David Walter nn DW - I'm not sure how to pronounce the nickname "DeeDoubleYou"? The full name is handsome even if not my style.
    Hector Eleazar nn Hec - The name is not my style, the nickname seems very intuitive which is always good when you want it to stick.
    Castiel Warren nn Cas - Castiel is great, nothing I'd use but cool. Cas is a great nickname.
    Aubrey Mark nn Aubs - Nice name. I'd probably go with Rey/Ray as a nickname.
    Gerard Castle nn Gee - I don't really get the nickname with a hard G. The name is handsome.
    Madison Drake - I know it's a male name and as a whole I like it for a boy but Maddie is all girl to me. Mad Men is a bit cruel.
    Dexter Vaughn nn Dex - never liked Dexter.
    Emory Anthem nn Em - Okay but not my style. I'd use Em for a girl rather than for a boy, though.
    Kipling Augustine nn Kip - great.
    Bailey Arthur nn Bayleaf - I don't get the nickname but I like the full name.
    Thomas Castle nn Omas - I think Omas is a bit unnecessary since it's just one letter (sound) from Thomas and sounds more like a full name.
    Henry Ross nn Hoss - not my favourite nickname but I adore Henry.
    Loren Ross nn Lore - I've never seen Loren before. It looks like a mix between Lorenz (sp) and Laurin (pr). The nickname fits the name great.

    Alice Lorraine nn Licey - LOVE Alice but Licey would be Lie-cee (as in the lie) to me. Generally I prefer just Lissy.
    Amalia Esmé nn Malia - same as Omas and Thomas. The full name is beyond beautiful though.
    Hermione Clarisa - sweet full name not a fan of the nickname, it's a bit long for me.
    Athena Isis nn Thena - same as Amalia. Athena Isis is gorgeous.
    Elisabeth Story nn Elsa - lovely nickname.
    Freya Luz nn Frey - not my style but beautiful name
    Anya Gwendolyn nn Annie - sweet
    Amabel Gertrude nn Ama - do you pronounce Ama(bel) with an Ah sound (Ana) or like Alice? Amabel is nice, Gertrude I just don't like at all.
    Lola Ivy nn Lol - Lol would remind me to much of "lol" but Lola Ivy is beautiful. I'd probably go with Lolly as a nickname.
    Dahlia Jean nn Dahlie - great. I'd probably go with Lia as a nn.
    Theodora Pearl nn Dora - a stunning full name, not a big fan of Dora though
    Vivian Estella nn Viv - sweet

    Quote Originally Posted by babynameaholic View Post
    If you HAD to give your top names a nickname, what would they be?
    Eloise and Elvira would be Ellie but are most likely not being used.
    Ida (Ee-da) would either be either Klein Ida (taken from Astrid Lindgren), Idachen/Idalein or Idi (Ee-dee).
    Leonor would be Nora/Nori.
    Haven't found a nickname for Madeline yet.
    Ophelia would be Ellie.
    If Rosalie grew up in an English speaking country she'd be Rose/Rosie.

    August would be Auggie.
    Arthur would be Artie.
    Bennett's nickname would be Ben.
    Cas would be Caspar's nickname
    Elliott is Lio (pr Leo)
    Theo would only be Theo.
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