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    LOVE Hugo and Esme!!! Great picks, two of my favorite names.

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    Edie and Hugo!

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    I like Hugo Warren for a girl and Esme Denise for a girl.
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    These are awesome choices! My picks out of the four are...

    Hugo Warren- a strong name, but still would work well for a baby, a child, and a grown man.

    Edie Denise- I LOVE this name! I know it's usually a nn, but I have met a little Edie and a grown woman named Edie. Simply that, and worked so well for both! I myself don't let a nicknamey feel sway me. I have an Ellie, her formal first name.

    Frank Aaron is a nice name, but to me does not fit well with Ava Helen.

    Esme Denise is gorgeous! But I also agree that you will constantly correcting people, especially since Twilight has an Ez-May. Maybe spelled as Esmee you will get your desired pronunciation?

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