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    I'm with the pp on Austen/Austin. I don't hate Claire, but I prefer Clara (clar-uh) so much more; Claire-uh is my problem. I'm the opposite with Amelia (Amelia "Amy" Pond!) and Emilia (just sounds a bit off to me), and Hugo/Hugh. But for me it's also:
    Love Arabella, dislike Annabella
    Love Georgiana, dislike Georgia/Georgina (Might be because I know people with the names)
    Like Rosalind, dislike Rosalyn and Rosalie
    Like Valencia and Valencio, dislike Valentina and Valentino
    Like Lucia, Luciana, Lucetta, Lucian etc, dislike Lucy (Again, I know too many), and Luciano
    Love Nikolai, dislike Nicholas
    Love August, hate Augustus/Augusta and Gus
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    Like Georgia, dislike Georgina
    Like Beatrix, dislike Beatrice
    Like Isobel, dislike Isabel
    Like Eleanor, dislike Ella
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    Love Niklaus dislike Nicolas
    Love Cass Dislike Cassidy and Cassandra
    Love Elle Dislike Ellie, Ella, Ellen
    Love Caroline Dislike Carolyn

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    There are quite a few names I love but I dislike their most obvious nicknames. For example, I love Rosalie but can't stand Rosie; I love Susannah but am meh about Susie; Clementine is lovely but I cringe at Clemmy. I know there are alternative nicknames for all of these that I'd could live with but there would always be someone who called them by one of the obvious nn and it would just annoy me.
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    I like Seraphine but dislike Josephine
    I like Alexander but dislike Alex/Xander and Alexandra/Alexia/Alexa
    I like Emmeline but dislike Emilia/Amelia
    I like Felix but dislike Phoenix
    I like Clémence but dislike Clementine
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