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    I am with you! My daughter is Clara Beatrix and I get a little unsettled if someone thinks her names are Claire or Beatrice.

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    I love Beatrice but I dislike with a passion, Beatrix.
    I love Georgina but not Georgiana (at this point it's to frilly for me).
    I love Lily but not Lillian.
    I love Millie but hugely dislike Millicent.
    I love Henry but dislike Harry.
    punctuality is a virtue of the lonely.

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    I love Araminta but I'm not a fan of Arabella (even though I love the Arctic Monkeys song).
    I like Susan a lot but not Susannah.
    I have a major soft spot for Carolyn, but I've never liked Caroline.
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    LOVE Claire, not Clara
    Like Lily, not Lillian
    Like Nico, REALLY dislike Nick/Nicholas
    LOVE Boaz, dislike Bo/Beau
    LOVE Francis, not Frank
    Like Luke, dislike Lucas
    Love Nathan, not Nathaniel
    Jack NEVER Jackson/Jaxon

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