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    I personally think the sets are too similar. The twins will have a lot in common as they grow up, so I feel like they should have more individual names. Try mixing up your name choices.
    Ie: Aria & Cypress
    Bianca & Jessamine
    James & Willa
    Wylie & Nico.

    Good luck!

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    I really like matching twin names, I think it's adorable!

    Cleopatra & Calypso - Not a fan of either name.
    Giselle & Odette - I love both of these names!
    Aria & Rihanna - Not an Aria fan and I dislike Rihanna because of the singer.
    Wylie & Willa - Wylie isn't my favorite, but Willa is cute. Maybe Wesley instead of Wylie?
    Archer & Jackson - I prefer just Jack, not a fan of Archer.
    Linus & Laszlo - Really dislike these names!
    Pollux & Cypress - I think these are really interesting and cute!
    James & Jessamine - Super cute! Jessamine isn't my favorite, perhaps Josephine instead?
    Bianca & Nico - I LOVE Bianca (favorite on your list)! It's so underrated and you just never hear it anymore. I'd prefer Nikolaus into of Nico.
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    I like Giselle and Odette!
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    Some of the twinsets are too matchy but these pairs "fit" well together.

    1 Giselle & Odette
    2 Bianca and Nico
    3 Archer & Jackson
    All the best,

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