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    Help with honoring?

    So I need a little help to come up with ideas about how to honor someone because I'm having some trouble. Her name is Alexandra Grace, which is beautiful, but I cannot use either of the names. Alexandra is my sister's name, and don't want people to think it's after her, and Grace is my name and I don't want people to think I named my child after myself. Could you give me suggestions on how to honor an Alexandra Grace (her last name is also unusable as a middle name)?
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    For Alexandra: Alexandria, Alya, Zandra, Alla, Alexandrine, Cassiopeia (or other names with Greek roots).
    For Grace: Other virtue names, like Amity, Hope, Charity, Faith, Constance, Virtue, Mercy, Tahira, Verity, etc. More options can be found here:

    Hope I helped!
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    You could use Grace or Gracia for a middle name.
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    Here are some (international) variations of Alexandra:

    There aren't very many variations of Grace but here are some:

    How about using the initials AG?
    You could do anything from Anna Gwendolyn to Artemis Gia.

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    Use a name that means grace: Anne, Anya, Annika, Carissa, Hannah, Maryann, Nancy, Annalise

    Or, use an Alexandra variant: Sandra, Sasha, Lexi, Alessa, Sandrine, Alexis, Alexia, Alessia, Alix
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