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    Names by Myers and Briggs Personality Types

    I've never formally studied Psychology but recently have taken a lot of interest in the sixteen personalities and am finding myself imagining names belonging to people of certain personality types. This applies more to writing I guess since you can't pick and choose who a real person will become, but are there any names you associate with a certain personality type?

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    I REALLY love this question. . .I'm a psychology minor and personality theory is my favorite subset.

    I'm an ENFP so I obviously know more about my particular personality and have a clearer idea of what names I feel would fit my type. I think Molly is the perfect ENFP names. Others: Felicity, Flora, Minnie, Poppy and Georgiana.
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    I would probably associate more unique names (by that I mean not high in popularity) with the more extraverted personalities because it would be more of a conversation starter. Individuals with common names wouldn't be questioned as often (if at all) about their names.

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    Introverted types are more likely to need an icebreaker, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orchid_lover View Post
    Introverted types are more likely to need an icebreaker, though.
    That’s not necessarily true. There are plenty of outgoing introverts and awkward extroverts. The introversion/extroversion continuum is a reflection of one’s internal/external energy source, not a reflection of one’s ability to socialize.

    In response to the original post, I do think that names can reflect background and other nurture inducing traits. However, the personality traits reflected in Myers Briggs can’t be predicted by expectant parents so I don’t think that it’s possible to associate a name with any particular Myers Briggs type. Moreover, individuals usually test differently depending on the stage they are at in their lives. As we age and develop new skills our results are pretty much guaranteed to evolve. So Elizabeth at 16 might be an ESFP, but at 40 she could be an INFJ.

    Sorry. I know I sound like a complete buzz kill. I just generally think that name preferences can largely be attributed to environment and exposure rather than personality. Very interesting topic though. Really made me think.
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