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    Why do you suppose we have those "love it, but wouldn't use it" lists?

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. There is a pretty huge list of names I really, really, really love. Some days, I'm over the moon about them (Madeleine, Linus, Zara, Peter, Calvin, Grace, Leopold, and Hazel are some of mine). But I can never seem to bring them to my list. I don't think it's that I don't love them--I look at them and swoon! I can even see me with kids with some of these names.

    Any theories why we have these lists? I would LOVE to add Grace or Peter or Calvin or Linus to my list--but I just can't bring myself to do it! :/

    And while we're at it, what are your "love them but wouldn't use them" lists?

    Thanks, Berries!

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    I pretty much call that list my "maybe list". It means that I love those names, but I'm not sure I'd ever use them/I can't picture them on my list or on my children. Here are mine:
    Cassia "Cassie"
    Elizabeth "Elsie, Libby, Lilibeth"
    Georgiana "Georgie"

    Cassian "Cass"
    Maxim "Max"
    Peregrine "Perry, Perrin, Penn, Pippin, Pip"

    I've had names on this list move to my real list (like Leo), and I've had names on my real list move back here (Cassian was one of those).
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    I call that my guilty pleasure list. It consists mostly of names that are either a) too tied to a particular character/person or b) just can't imagine myself bestowing on a kid. For example, I love everything about the name Raphael. But when I say "Raphael, time to eat!" or "Raphael, come here this instant!" I just feel... strange. I feel like I'm talking about somebody else's kid. So on the GP list it goes.

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    I have that list too... but I know why I have mine.
    1) My husband grew up predominantly in Spain and South America he also has a degree in Hispanic Studies - needless to say the Spanish language is a big part of his life.
    2) I am 1st generation German-American so German is a big part of my life.
    3) We live in the US and communicated in English on a daily basis. For me to consider a name “on my top list” it needs to sound similar and good and fairly native in all three languages - I know this seems a little silly as Germans can say Jasper the way I like it but...
    4) I grew up with a name that works in english, french, and german (the languages my mom speaks) and my husbands name doesn’t work well in spanish or german and it always points him out as a non-native.

    So...since our kids will be trilingual I’d like them and their names to feel like they fit in - while of course being unique and awesome. (Yes, I’m a name-nerdy head case).

    So may GP or “I love but wouldn’t use” list has a lot of english word names on it, J names etc.
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    For me, GPs and "love it but wouldn't use it" are two separate things. My GPs include California and Raphael, things like that. Names that I love, but are just too OTT/unusual to picture on an actual child.
    I'm still sorting out my love-it-but-wouldn't-use-it list. It's hard for me to determine if I would actually use it on my kid {I'm a long way off from having kids }, so I have to try it out for a while until I decide.
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