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    A Girl Called Lemoni (?)

    Last week was my little sister's birthday party, and I met quite a few of her friends.
    I met 3 Daniels, 2 Jessicas, a Maisy, a Daisy, Oscar & Harry ( twins ), a Kai, Ami & Lui ( again, twins ), and then I met a girl called Freya, who had brought her little sisters. There names where Leilani ( lovely Hawaiian name ) & Lemoni.
    When she introduced to Lemoni, I thought I heard her wrong and said "Melanie?" she replied "No, Lemoni."
    I think I must've looked quite shocked, but everybody else seemed to think that it was a perfectly normal name...
    I was just wondering, have you ever met a girl called Lemoni? Have you even heard of this name? I just need to know if I was right & it actually is quite an "out of the ordinary" name.
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    Re: A Girl Called Lemoni (?)

    Freya, Leilani and Lemoni :shock: . Oh gosh, the third child got shafted big time! Freya and Leilani are an unusual pair but I like them together because it's an unexpected mix of Scandinavian and Hawaiian. But poor Lemoni! I've never heard anyone calling their child this name and I think it's kind of cruel to do so. Did they want her name to match Leilani's in sound? Did they like Lemony Snicket and forgot how to spell it? Well, choose something like Lily for goodness sake! Unfortunately, the child will now have to live with her parent's lapse of judgement. I feel for her.
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    One of the characters from Captain Corelli's Mandolin is called Lemoni. I really like it!

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    I thought of Lemony Snicket - I think it's a penname, but it does sound quite archaic (although even without any research, I wouldn't imagine it has legitimate origins).

    I don't think it's awful, just a bit of a shame it sounds so made up - I'm guessing it is. Maybe it's an obscure place name or something?

    Honestly they're both a bit of an odd match with Freya; I think Freya is just a bit hard to pair really. I do know a sibset of Freya and Amelie which work quite nicely, both being once-foreign-now-homely type names. The other Freyas I know have sisters with similarly popular names, Alice, Isla etc.
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    Well, Lemoni is the Greek word for Lemon. I think it's terrible.

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