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    BTW I said that from personal experience. I am an introvert with an unusual name and I have always liked it because (I will freely admit) small-talk is not a strong suit of mine and my name is an easy icebreaker. Of course you can make the argument that one can't really generalize based on categories, but then what is the point of categorizing in the first place? Sure not all introverts are socially awkward and some extroverts are socially awkward blah blah blah caveat caveat caveat....but I do believe that more introverts tend to be socially awkward than extroverts. It's fun to discuss!

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    Thanks everyone for an interesting discussion. I guess everything always goes back to the great nature vs. nurture debate. Though we're all products of our environment and there will always be exceptions, I definitely agree that I would find some names (ie: unusual) ill-suited to some personality types. I'm sure they're out there, but I have a hard time imagining too many ISTJs with crazy names.

    I'll ask another question though. Do you think your name taste corresponds with your own personality type? Do you like names that would suit someone like you or someone drastically different?

    Also, does anyone else think certain personality types are more drawn to an interest in names? Everyone who shared their own said they were an intuitive type, mostly introverted, with me being an INFP myself. Or maybe we're just more interested in personality types, which I've noticed as a trend as well.

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    I would guess there are a lot of people that are N types. We like to over think things. Social awkwardness shows up differently in introverts vs extroverts and when people think of social awkwardness they usually think of the more introverted type rather than the extrovert who is more likely to put their foot in their mouth, for example. I'm not an expert or anything but it's been my personal experience that both introverts and extroverts will do a faux pas but introverts are more likely to be labeled socially lacking for it.

    I'm an INFJ, and it took me awhile to figure it out because I would always test almost dead 50/50 on the F or T trait, which I read more recently on some website that is pretty common for an INFJ because while we are F's at heart, we can pretty much mimic T behavior at will. But not everyone interprets the Myers-Briggs the same, anyway. I don't think having a rare name affects your personality type.

    I generally do envision an extrovert/introvert type when I think a name, some names like Elizabeth are so well used that any type would fit it but other names not so much. It is something I consider when selecting names for my list because I realized that as an introvert I tend to like a fair number of "quiet, gentle" names but it's pretty likely by kids would be extroverted so I had to go back and rethink about more energetic names because my sweet gentle little girl names just weren't right for my little girl. I find names with s, v, and k sounds to feel "high energy" to me.
    Names on my list I consider extroverted:


    But most people aren't at extremes and exhibit multiple personality types, and I don't think these names are only for one type. It's more like an averaging of impressions by the name.

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    I'm an INTJ, and I've always felt my name, Margaret, is fitting. It's uncommon enough in my generation that it didn't have the "popular girl" vibe (all the popular girls of my year seemed to have K names), but not rare or weird enough to draw too much attention. It's a name with history, associated with strong, intelligent women like Margaret Mead, Margaret Thatcher (though I'm not a Thatcher-ite), and Margaret Atwood. Also, as Blade-noted above, it fits in the "consonent-heavy" category as well.

    I never really thought about my names as related to my MBTI score, though I guess many of my favourites fall into the category of traditional and practical but not super-popular: Edmund, Benedict, Walter, Martin, Estella, Helena, Miriam. I don't know if that's because I'm INTJ or because of a myriad of factors.
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    This is fascinating! Though it's not exactly what is being discussed, I've never considered how my personality type could influence my name preferences. I'm an ISFP. My preferred names tend to be soft and have a lot of natural imagery. They also have to be aesthetically pleasing not just in sound but in their visual appearances. I'm not a fan of "tall" letters and "round" letters commingling. A former favorite, Maeve Lillia, is out for this reason.

    I think I have the perfect name for an ISFP as well. Hypatia isn't the name I was born with but one that I chose for myself when I turned 24 after years of deliberation. I like that it has a more artsy feel. It's a conversation starter as well. People have to ask how it's pronounced which can be exasperating, but they ask other things as well. It leads into a nice conversation. Which, given my lack of conversational skills and shyness, can be a blessing.

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