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    Top Six - and some ''odds and ends''

    I rarely post or ask for feedback on my favourites, but this is the first time I've had a strong sense of order to my lists so bare with me This is my current list of favourites, names that I would probably give to actual children (if I were expecting, spoiler: I'm not)...

    Eilidh Agnes (pn AY-lee)
    Billie Margaret
    Ophelia Eibhlin (pn Evelyn)
    Jemima Rosemary
    Nancy Amelia
    Ailbhe Beatrix (pn Alva)

    Sorry I know the Gaelic pns can throw people off - if they aren't recognized in the UK they're at least tolerated, but I'd love some general opinions/thoughts? One point I will make is that Nancy is very trendy in the UK - actually the most popular of the list by quite a lot, but I know it has a very different image in the US so please reconsider the knee-jerk reaction of ''ew no''.

    And then there are the ones that I adore but didn't quite make it, they're the ones I have a huge amount of trouble with when it comes to finding combos:
    Desdemona, Ailsa, Lux, Fenella, Viola, Constance/Connie, Mavis, Fae, Twila and Cordelia.
    If you can find any way to slot them in, feel free to mess with my favourites above.

    Thanks a lot!
    of smoke and embers in ancient woodland; much love & I are waiting for you.

    Rosemary Oona & Emmett Kielder
    Alba Leontine | Rufus Elliot
    Iseabal Briar | Alec Oberon
    Fenella Posey | Yarrow Jack
    Eilean Beatrix | Auden Hugh
    Sibyl Celandine | Wilfred Fox

    (Eilean = ay-lin / Iseabal = ish-bel ).

    Names calm my soul. Nineteen year old filmmaker in London, future mama & current cat person to Shura. vote on my full list

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