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    Eilidh Agnes (pn AY-lee) - I know an Eilidh. It's cute.
    Billie Margaret - Billie's so spunky, though I often feel like it should be short for Sybilla or something. Anyway, Margaret grounds it in this case. I don't like Margaret much normally but this is a good combo
    Ophelia Eibhlin (pn Evelyn) - I must be the only person on Nameberry who does not like Ophelia. Eibhlin is fine though.
    Jemima Rosemary - I don't like Jemima at all, but I ADORE Rosemary.
    Nancy Amelia - I don't like Amelia. Nancy is okay, but the Gaelic names have me craving Niamh.
    Ailbhe Beatrix - Pretty. I like this, and this combo.

    Other combos:
    Rosemary Desdemona, Rosemary Twila, Rosemary Lux
    Billie Viola, Viola Constance, Viola Fae
    Twila Constance, Twila Beatrix
    Nancy Cordelia

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    From your list, I like the name combos:

    Agnes Ophelia
    Jemima Rosemary
    Beatrix Viola
    Cordelia Lux

    My favorite combo would be: Agnes Beatrix
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