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    Top Six - and some ''odds and ends''

    I rarely post or ask for feedback on my favourites, but this is the first time I've had a strong sense of order to my lists so bare with me This is my current list of favourites, names that I would probably give to actual children (if I were expecting, spoiler: I'm not)...

    Eilidh Agnes (pn AY-lee)
    Billie Margaret
    Ophelia Eibhlin (pn Evelyn)
    Jemima Rosemary
    Nancy Amelia
    Ailbhe Beatrix (pn Alva)

    Sorry I know the Gaelic pns can throw people off - if they aren't recognized in the UK they're at least tolerated, but I'd love some general opinions/thoughts? One point I will make is that Nancy is very trendy in the UK - actually the most popular of the list by quite a lot, but I know it has a very different image in the US so please reconsider the knee-jerk reaction of ''ew no''.

    And then there are the ones that I adore but didn't quite make it, they're the ones I have a huge amount of trouble with when it comes to finding combos:
    Desdemona, Ailsa, Lux, Fenella, Viola, Constance/Connie, Mavis, Fae, Twila and Cordelia.
    If you can find any way to slot them in, feel free to mess with my favourites above.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Your list is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing

    Eilidh Agnes - Both Eilidh and Agnes have been growing on me as of late, the latter more so then the former. I'm having a hard time appreciating the sound of Eilidh, possibly because the of the rise of Ainsley and Maylee, neither of which I enjoy. I'm also not a huge fan of the alliterative quality of the combo, but that is a personal preference. It is certainly respectable.

    Billie Margaret - I really like this one. Billie has a certain vintage spunk to her, along the same lines as Eliza. Margaret is one of my favorite names to see in the middle slot, and the names complement one another well.

    Ophelia Eibhlin (pn Evelyn) - I appreciate both Ophelia and Eibhlin; I think they sound okay together, but not exactly flawless. I think it is a little too vowel heavy for me. I'd love to meet a little Ophelia though.

    Jemima Rosemary - I adore this combo. Jemima is another name with vintage flair, which I love. Rosemary is on my long list. The names fit together perfectly.

    Nancy Amelia - I really enjoy this combo as well. I like Nancy quite a bit (and I think she is getting a makeover thanks to the popular Fancy Nancy children's books), but I can sadly never use her because I had two pet mice named Sid and Nancy. Amelia goes well with her; I love "-a" names in the middle. A+ combo.

    Ailbhe Beatrix - The combo sounds great together, and I adore Beatrix, but I can't seem to make myself like Aibhe. I think I am just turned off by "Al-" names. Eva/Ava Beatrix is on my long list, so I definitely like the concept of this one.

    Some combos using the others;
    [Desdemona, Ailsa, Lux, Fenella, Viola, Constance/Connie, Mavis, Fae, Twila and Cordelia.]

    Ophelia Mavis
    Nancy Desdemona
    Jemima Constance
    Beatrix Fae
    Cordelia Eibhlin
    Twila Rosemary
    Fenella Lux
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    Eilidh Agnes (pn AY-lee): I am definitely fond of this combination. The alliteration here is great and I definitely think it works with a feminine sounding first with a more grounded (if that makes any sense) middle. Names that end in the -y/-ie sound are a favorite of mine, so I find Eilidh very charming.

    Billie Margaret: I usually am not fond of unisex names/boy names, but I do think Billie is cute. I think Billie Piper changed how I felt about the name. The cuteness of Billie and the strength of Margaret makes a great combination.

    Ophelia Eibhlin (pn Evelyn): I LOVE this combination. It sounds incredibly beautiful and I can just picture a little girl running in a field of flowers. Both Ophelia and Evelyn are gorgeous names and I would be happy to see more little Ophelias so that the association with Hamlet is minimized.

    Jemima Rosemary: This is my second favorite behind Ophelia Eibhlin. I love the feminine sounds, while at the same time it isn't over the top sugary.

    Nancy Amelia: I think this is a good combination. For some reason, both names are very strong sounding to me (even the -y sound in Nancy) which I'm not a fan of, but it's only my personal preference. Great choice, just nms.

    Ailbhe Beatrix (pn Alva): I think these names sound nice together. I'm just not fond of the name Beatrix/Beatrice, so I just can't love it. Again it's just my own personal preference that keeps me from loving it.

    Other combos (I'm not great at making them):
    Eilidh Desdemona
    Ailsa Agnes
    Billie Mavis
    Ailsa Margaret
    Nancy Fae
    Constance Eibhlin
    Margaret Viola
    Twila Rosemary (agree with pp)
    Cordelia Eibhlin (agree with pp)
    Nancy Cordelia
    Rosemary Beatrix
    Margaret Fenella
    Fenella Mavis
    Ailbhe Ophelia
    Jemima Fae
    Ophelia Lux
    Ophelia Mavis (agree with pp)

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    Eilidh Agnes (pn AY-lee): This is definitely a combination that I'm fond of. It has the perfect balance of playfulness and seriousness, a modern feel and a classic feel.
    Billie Margaret : I love the nickname Billie for a girl, but generally I would prefer a full name for it. I'm not the biggest Margaret fan, but I like it in this combination.
    Ophelia Eibhlin (pn Evelyn): Ophelia is absolutely beautiful! Eibhlin is nice too, though I'm never sure whether to pronounce it with two or three syllables.
    Jemima Rosemary: Jemims is one of those names that I want to love more than I actually do...not that I hate it or anything. I actually find it quite charming. Rosemary is lovely too and I like the two together.
    Nancy Amelia : I actually want to like Nancy more, but having a great-aunt who I'm quite close to keeps me thinking that it's still a little old feeling for my personal liking. I don't like the name Amelia, but Nancy Amelia on the whole is nice.
    Ailbhe Beatrix (pn Alva): I love Ailbhe! So pretty. It has the elements of a popular name, but I love the fact that it's barely heard of. I love Beatrix also, and Ailbhe Beatrix is just gorgeous.
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    Eilidh Agnes (pn AY-lee)- I love Agnes, and think that this has a lovely flow. However, personally, I'm not the biggest fan on Eilidh, simply because Ailey / Ailee / Aileigh names get butchered where I live, but I think it has a lovely sound, and a friendly image.
    Billie Margaret - This has some serious spunk. It is the perfect balance of sass and serious, and Billie is such a lovely name.
    Ophelia Eibhlin (pn Evelyn)- I think these are beautiful names that sound absolutely wonderful together. Very dignified- I love Ophelia, and I would love to meet one.
    Jemima Rosemary- I think this has a lovely, studious image that is very British. I can definitely see this, with the nn Jem (à la To Kill A Mockingbird- even though that was a very American book.).
    Nancy Amelia- I really like Nancy, and think it deserves widespread appreciation, outside of the UK. I think this is a lovely combo.
    Ailbhe Beatrix (pn Alva)- Great combo- I don't understand why Ella, Ava, Ada, etc. are so popular, but Alva is essentially unheard of.

    Desdemona Lux
    Fenella Fae
    Viola Fae
    Constance Amelia / Amelia Constance
    Cordelia Agnes / Agnes Cordelia
    Ailsa Margaret
    Ailsa Agnes
    Billie Mavis (I really like this one- What do you think? To me it feels jazzy and smooth.)
    Twila Eibhlin
    Nancy Fae
    Nancy Lux

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