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    Hogwarts, United Kingdom
    Ben and Alice are dating a year before they get engaged. They marry in an outdoor wedding at Ben's favourite home-town park.

    DH: Benjamin Thomas Barnes
    DW: Alice Marina Barnes

    DD: Elinor Charlotte
    DS: Flynn Deacon
    DD/DS: Lily Genevieve/William Frederick
    Jessica. 24. Just a curious Britberry.

    Cora Madeleine | Eira Margot | Lyra Marigold | Maeva Ysanne | Nancy Arabella | Sybil Arietta
    Hugo Anthony | Lachlan Jasper | Oscar Vincent | Malachy Rhys | Ralph Alexander | Sidney Joshua
    Other Favourites
    Louisa, Isobel, Sloane, Zosia, Hestia, Cecily, Wallis, Demelza
    Lorcan, Otis, Maxwell, Killian, Dominic, Arthur, Reuben, Cyrus

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    Who do you marry?
    5: Idrissa Akuna Elba

    How long do you date before getting engaged?
    11-12: 7 years

    What kind of wedding do you have?
    5-6: an extravagant black-tie wedding in New York City

    First child
    Girl: Scarlet Elinor

    Second child
    Boy: Cyrus Flynn

    Third child
    Boy: Henry Philip

    Fourth child
    Girl: Molly Joanna

    Fifth child
    Girl: Rachel Whitney

    Sixth child
    Boy: Cassius Dominic
    Name loving BritBerry

    Little ladies
    .: Keren Theodosia ♥ Clara Tempest ♥ Eloise Clarity :.
    .: Polly Jamesina ♥ Yvaine Celia ♥ Freya Guinevere :.

    Little gents
    .: Asher Bellamy ♥ Vander Ignatius ♥ Lennon Samuel :.
    .: Finley Balthasar ♥ Jago Fletcher ♥ Isaac Bravery :.

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    I fall in love with Benjamin Thomas Barnes, 5 years later we marry in a very private destination wedding with only immediate families,

    There are 6 children;

    Child 1| A daughter
    Edith Margaret Barnes "Edie"

    Child 2| A son
    Fletcher Samson Barnes

    Child 3| A daughter
    Natalie Genevieve Barnes

    Child 4| A boy
    Rohan Alasdair Barnes

    Child 5| A son
    Albert Sawyer Barnes "Sawyer"

    Child 6| A girl
    Clementine Naomi Barnes

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    Who do you marry? Samuel George Claflin
    How long do you date before getting engaged? 1 year
    What kind of wedding do you have? a simple church wedding near your home

    DD: Margaret Elinor
    DD: Amelie Rosalind
    DS: Edward Alexander
    DD: Emily Kate
    DS: Albert Noah
    DD/DD: Beatrice Hermione & Matilda Annabel

    Margo, Amelie, Edward, Emily, Albert, Beatrice & Matilda

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    DW: Lily Claire Blackwood
    DH: Benjamin Thomas Barnes

    We date for 7 years
    We have a rustic wedding in a far away castle

    DS: Archer Caspian
    DD: Juniper Adelaide
    DS: Henry William
    DD: Molly Kate
    DD: Natalie Tessa
    DS: Lennox Cassius
    DD: Willow Maya
    DD: Hazel Rosalie
    DS: Hugo Oliver
    DD: Maeve Alice
    DD: Caroline Thea

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