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    If you're open to names from any origin, a (non-indian) name that has a similar sound/look to several that you like and isn't very popular is Avram.
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    All the names suggested are nice, but I want a name that is not too common or too Indian. So of the Indian names are not very easy to pronounce in english and some of the english names make be sound weird on a Indian boy. Boy names are hard specially if looking for a cross-cultural name.

    My husbands name is Siddhartha (Sid), and is easy to pronounce here atleast the shorter version. I have looked at so many sites, running out of sites to look for names.

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    I also want to express my love of Rohan. It is really a great choice!

    Names that I didn't notice suggested yet:

    Devdan (Another one of my favorites. If's meaning is correct, "Gift of the gods" doesn't get much better for a meaning.)
    Naveen / Navin
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    I went to school with Indian American boys name Arjun, Atur (I can't find it on Behindthename so I can't guarantee it's an Indian name) and Milan. Atur would answer to Artie if people had trouble with his name but his name generally carried over well.

    Akash (Kash or Ash)
    Deepak/Dipak (maybe too Indian?)
    Indra (Indy)
    Niraj (He could go by Raj which is fairly familar if people have issues with Niraj)
    Vikram (which has been mentioned but I second it. He could always go by Vik)

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    I don't think it would be a problem to have a last name ending with -a, like others have said it's not that uncommon. People will be able to tell the name Aditya is not a typical western name so they won't think it is a girls name. I think Aarav could also work.
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