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    Sep 2013
    LN: Moyer
    DH(76): Lincoln Bruce
    DW(74): Isabella Joyce "Bella"
    DS1(47): Harrison Fisher
    DD1(44): Shannon Jada
    DD2(42): Helen Savannah
    DS2(39): Mason Guy
    DD3(36): Avery Delia "Ava"

    LN: Moyer

    DS1(47): Harrison Fisher
    DW(46): Fiona Irene
    DS(23): Julian Tony
    -DW(22): Iris Madeline
    --DD(4): Elizabeth Ivy "Libby"
    --DD(1): Hazel Valerie

    LN: Conrad
    DD1(44): Shannon Jada
    DH: Edgar Dwight
    DD(19): Anna Jacqueline
    DD(16): Alice Josephine "Allie"
    DS(12): Benjamin Gilbert "Benji"
    DS(8): Lucas Brook

    LN: Moyer-Hays
    DD2(42): Helen Savannah
    DW(39): Marisol Elise "Mari"
    DAD(13): Georgia Madeline
    DAS(11): Vaughn Brandon
    DAD(5): Nina Grace
    DAD(2): Esther Olivia

    LN: Moyer
    DS2(39): Mason Guy
    DW(39): Abigail Skyla "Abbie"
    DD(20): Lucy Rowan
    -DBF(22): Gregory Christopher "Greg"
    --DS(1): Lawson Timothy
    DS(13): Jeremiah Boston "Jeremy"
    DS(4): Dane Zachary

    LN: Addison
    DD3(36): Avery Delia "Ava"
    DH(33): Malcolm Carter
    DS(10): Seth Braxton
    DS/DD(7): Chase Simeon & Eleanor Robin
    DD(4): Ruby Giovanna
    DS(nb): Connor Maximus

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    Aug 2009
    DH: {76} Lincoln Bruce Moyer
    DW: {74} Jocelyn Galilea {Hughes} Moyer

    DS1: {47} Joshua Elliott Moyer
    DD1: {44} Grace Jane {Moyer} Conrad
    DD2: {42} Ashley Cheyenne Moyer-Hays
    DS2: {39} Porter Dustin Moyer
    DD3: {36} Avery Delia {Moyer} Addison


    DS1: {47} Joshua Elliott Moyer
    DW: {46} Fiona Irene {Harmon} Moyer

    DS: {23} Nolan Chandler Moyer
    - DW: {22} Iris Madeline {Glass} Moyer
    - DD: {4} Jenna Kathleen Moyer
    - DD: {1} Hazel Valerie Moyer


    DD1: {44} Grace Jane {Moyer} Conrad
    DH: {45} Edgar Dwight Conrad

    DD: {19} Anna Jacqueline Conrad
    DD: {16} Aylin Kimberly Conrad
    DS: {12} Nathaniel Ezra Conrad
    DS: {8} Wyatt Keaton Conrad


    DD2: {42} Ashley Cheyenne Moyer-Hays
    DW: {39} Felicity Mckenna Moyer-Hays

    ADD: {13} Luna Savannah Moyer-Hays
    ADS: {11} Isaiah Edward Moyer-Hays
    ADD: {5} Nina Grace Moyer-Hays
    ADD: {2} Esther Olivia Moyer-Hays


    DS2: {39} Porter Dustin Moyer
    DW: {39} Ivy Sophia {Ash} Moyer

    DD: {20} Lucy Rowan Moyer
    - Dbf: {22} Gregory Christopher Willet
    - DS: {1} Adam Peyton Willet

    DS: {13} Colby David Moyer
    DS: {4} Ethan Malcolm Moyer


    DD3: {36} Avery Delia {Moyer} Addison
    DH: {33} Benjamin Trenton Addison

    DS: {10} Jace Charles Addison
    DS/DD: {7} Drake Christian Addison / Aria Jessica Addison
    DD: {4} Johanna Teagan Addison
    DS: {nb} Connor Maximus Addison
    I would rather have a few small speed bumps slow me down,
    causing me to spill my coffee on my dress,
    than ever hand someone else the keys to my life.
    Track Sixteen
    Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately
    Alicia Cook

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    Apr 2014
    name-obsessed british teenberry


    marina genevieve priya and theo alexander milun

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    Mar 2011
    LN: Stark

    DH (76): Axel Irving
    DW (74): Vanessa Gwyneth (nee Waters)

    DS1 (47): Clayton Leo
    DD1 (44): Morgan Sylvia
    DD2 (42): Erin Annalise
    DS2 (39): Preston Guy
    DD3 (36): Allison Riley

    LN: Stark

    DS1 (47): Clayton Leo
    DW (46): Carrie Brooke

    DS (23): Julian Byron
    -DW (22): Camille Madeline
    --DD (4): Ivy Katherine
    --DD (1): Hazel Elise

    LN: Crowley

    DD1 (44): Morgan Sylvia
    DH (44): Garrett Logan

    DD (19): Tara Lindsey
    DD (16): Alexis Whitney
    DS (12): Benjamin Dillon
    DS (8): Wyatt Lucas

    LN: Miles-Stark

    DD2 (42): Erin Annalise
    DW (39): Chloe Amelia

    DAD (13): Mackenzie Paige
    DAS (11): George River
    DAD (5): Ayla Grace
    DAD (2): Olivia Jocelyn

    LN: Stark

    DS2 (39): Preston Guy
    DW (39): Ruby Chanel

    DD (20): Miranda Violet
    -DBF (22): Perry Elijah
    --DS (1): Bruno Peyton
    DS (13): Jordan David
    DS (4): Adrian Levi

    LN: Ash

    DD3 (36): Allison Riley
    DH (33): Carter Malcolm

    DS (10): Cameron Phoenix
    DS/DD (7): Dawson Samuel & Madison Delilah
    DD (4): Teagan Reese
    DS (nb): Vaughn Maximus
    Current Favorites:

    Sophie * Margaret * Pippa * Eleanor * Annabel * Zara * Fife * Ailsa * Aurelia * Mae
    Grant * Samuel * Everett * Andrew * Graham * River * Frederick * Gatsby * Alasdair * Jude

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    Apr 2010
    Rhode Island
    DH(76): Lincoln Bruce Stark.
    DW(74): Isabella Joyce Stark (Hetty).
    DS1(47): Joshua Elliott Stark.
    DD1(44): Cadence Katrina Stark.
    DD2(42): Victoria Linda Stark.
    DS2(39): Mason Guy Stark.
    DD3(36): Ansley Josephine Stark.

    DS1(47): Joshua Elliott Stark.
    DW(46): Luna Savannah Stark.
    DS(23): Nolan Chandler Stark.
    -DW(22): Emily Irene Stark (Moon).
    --DD(4): Elizabeth Ivy Stark.
    --DD(1): Hazel Valerie Stark.

    DD1(44): Cadence Katrina Glass (Stark).
    DH(44): Logan Garrett Glass.
    DD(19): Anna Jacqueline Glass.
    DD(16): Helen Alexis Glass.
    DS(12): Dakota Robert Glass.
    DS(8): Lucas Brook Glass.

    DD2(42): Victoria Linda Archer-Stark.
    DW(39): Olivia Martha Archer-Stark.
    DAD(13): Georgia Madeline Archer-Stark.
    DAS(11): Isaiah Edward Archer-Stark.
    DAD(5): Lila Morgan Archer-Stark.
    DAD(2): Aspen Amber Archer-Stark.

    DS2(39): Mason Guy Stark.
    DW(39): Kendra Chanel Stark (Poet).
    DD(20): Avery Miranda Stark.
    -DBF(22): Gregory Christopher Fallon.
    --DS(1): Bruno Donovan Fallon.
    DS(13): Colby David Stark.
    DS(4): Xavier Alden Stark.

    DD3(36): Ansley Josephine Shorter (Stark).
    DH(33): Malcolm Carter Shorter.
    DS(10): Shane Cameron Shorter.
    DS/DD(7): Chase Simeon Shorter//Delilah Christine Shorter.
    DD(4): Ruby Giovanna Shorter.
    DS(nb): Hunter Oscar Shorter.

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