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    Your favorite name family?

    What's your favorite name family? "Name family" meaning a collection of names that all spring from a "parent" name, which is usually a classic like Elizabeth, Anne, Mary, etc. I have a harder time sorting out which boy's names belong to which family; some definite ones I see are the leonine names and the Johns.

    My favorite for the girls is Helen/Eleanor, and of these I love Helena, Leonore, Nell, Eleanora, and Leonie. I'm fairly sure Helen and Eleanor come from the same root: they're both Greek with the same meaning, and some of their offshoots seem like they could be a variant of either.

    I also love the Leo names: Leo, Leonidas, Lionel, etc. are all great favorites.

    How about you? What's your favorite name family, and which of its variations?

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    I think my favorite name families would have to be John and Anne. Just so much comes from each of them, it's as though you could name 40 people from each and they'd hardly be able to guess their names were related.

    I also really love William and Margaret. They both have so many that I would love to use.
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    On the girls side, I would have to say Ann. My favorite variations are Anna, Annika, Anya, and Annetta.

    On the boys side, I would have to say Matthew. My favorites variations are Mathias and Matteo.
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    Julie names: Juliet, Julie, Julia, Julianna, Julianne
    Em names: Emilia, Emma, Emmy, Emerson (on a boy)
    -et/ette names: Juliet, Colette, Nicolette, Bridget (but I dislike Bernadette)
    -an/en names for boys: Declan, Nathan, Ethan, Lucian, Owen, Evan,
    Finn names: Finley, Finnian, Griffin
    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

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    I don't believe that Helen and Eleanor are related. Isn't Eleanor from Aliénor?

    My current favorite family is from the root name Margarita.

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