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Thread: MN trouble

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    Lightbulb MN trouble

    We're trying to come up with a boy's mn that has some significance to us, rather than just another name we like. Both of our existing kids have meanings behind their mn's. My hubby's mn has no significance to him & so he's not even interested in using that for our next child. We don't know its gender, but already have a mn for a girl (our moms' mn's combine easily to make a cute name). We don't love any of the family names that we have to work with, but thought you could help me come up with something from them - maybe an anagram from the letters, or similar names? Here's what we have:

    My dad: Douglas LaRoy
    My FIL: Robert "Bob" Jay
    Our GF's: LaRoy, Boyd & Bert

    Neither of us has brothers or close uncles...

    Not sure if you can help, but you all are so creative, I thought I'd ask. Plus, I've looked at them so many times, I can't think anymore!

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    What about surnames? Are those usable? Dougal, Robson, Robin, Hobson, Rory... Boyd is very usable.

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    Roge? Berlas? Tresal? Dobber like in "Coach" hmm...I'll have to keep trying
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    Robert honors Robert and Bert...Roybert gets (La)Roy in there.

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    Love the suggestions of Robin & Rory!

    Douglas... Duncan

    LaRoy... Roy, Lawrence, Lorenzo, Lark

    Robert...Robertson, Roberson, Robinson, Roberts, Robbins, Rudbert, Herbert, Roben, Rouben, Robson, Rocco, Rodderick, Rodger, Rodney, Ronan, Rowan, Rolan, Roland, Roman, Rome, Romy, Romeo, Ronald, Rooney, Rue, Rex

    Jay... James, Jago, Jameson, Jayce, Jayden, Jason, Jalen, Jai, Jackson, Jacob

    Anagrams... DLRB... Bradley represents Bob, Boyd, Bert, Robert, Douglas & LaRoy

    Sorry this is a bit all over the place. Creative juices are not really flowing this morning. What first name have you picked out? It might be easier to come up with a mn if we know your style a bit more.

    Just for fun, here are some fn/mn combinations...

    Bradley James
    Bradley Jackson
    Duncan Boyd
    Duncan Roy
    Duncan Rory
    Jackson Bradley
    Jackson Roy
    James Robertson
    Jameson Bradley
    Jameson Rory
    Roland James
    Rory James
    Jacob Bradley
    Thomas Bradley
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