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    Anyone ever experience this ?

    A name given to your child or someone you know and someone has heard it and named their own child the same name - maybe spelt differently? Has it ever annoyed you? Or are you happy with it?

    Sorry to be random but the thought entered my head x

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    I've told people names I like and then had them use it later. Made me SO mad. I'm not pregnant but hoping by the end of this year or so to start trying and so I was not a happy camper when a name I had loved for SEVEN YEARS was used by someone I know and have mutual friends with, without them thinking I copied her...

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    I sometimes feel like im going ott about it but i have a pet hate about this particular thing. My son was born in july 08 day b4 independence day. me and his dad wanted a different name and living in south wales (uk) wanted to have something not heard of around this area.. So we picked bailey, he was born roughly 3 weeks before this other little boy, My brother 6 at the time went to school really chuffed he had a nephew and was asked what his name was by this little girl.. names Jorjah (yes that's the spelling) to which my brother replied he was called Bailey Ashton.. ( what he was called as a baby a fair bit) her mum was pregnant with her brother so that day before her mum had the baby she went back and said she wanted her brother to be called the same name.. which he was( I was most defo copied- how unoriginal with no ideas were they) anyhow he is also called bailey BUT its spelt BAYLEE (which to me is awful) and to top it all off my son Bailey and this other chap Baylee are in the same class... I get paperwork with my sons name spelt Bayley /Bailee or another variant of the 2 mixed together... which is really annoying for me as its confusing for my son. Thankfully he knows now how to spell his own name correctly. I have resorted back to when the other child is around calling my bailey_ Bailey-ashton just to avoid the looks and scared faces from the other boy. Grrr

    Sometimes feel a bit copied there cos well i know i was! lol how annoying though eh!!

    Could you somehow maybe put the name in as a middle or use as another middle just to use it? Its annoying when it happens.. xx

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