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    Feminine forms of Dominic please!

    Hi folks,

    So now that me and my wife are set (for now...!) on a name for our little boy coming in September, we're trying to find a back up name just in case the doctors are wrong about the gender (my sister in law was recently surprised when her first girl after five boys turned out to be... A boy!)

    Dominic is a family name of my wife, and we had a few questions about the various feminine forms of it

    Dominique - I think this falls into the camp of feminisations that sound like oddly pronounced versions of male names (a la Sebastienne etc) but my wife loves the -que ending, thinks it's very sophisticated. Thoughts?


    How are these to be pronounced? Because I know Italian names usually have the stress on the penultimate syllable, and that logic means both names would sound virtually the same

    But for some reason I always thought the stress game on the second syllable, and I really like DoMENica with this pronunciation, but this pronunciation would rule out Dominica because of the country (we live in a very hispanic area and I love it here, but wouldn't want to name my kid Mexico either!)

    Are there any other feminine forms of Dominic?

    Also what would possible nicknames be? Dom is very firm and masculine...

    Thanks for feedback!

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    What about Domini nn Minnie?

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    Where I'm from people pronounce Dominique Do-me-neek (do pr. as dough, me as in just me and Neek rhyming with cheek) and I've heard that you can pr. Dominica/Domenica with emphasis on any syllable you desire.

    Another name you could consider is Danica. Not officially a feminine form of Dominic, but still very similar.
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    Dominique - it feels uber French to me, like Monique. And a bit "faux" since in my area the "nique" ending is pasted on to a lot of names to make them sound more "sophisticated"

    Domenica/Dominica - I would pronounce these like the country.

    What about Dominika? That would lend itself to a lot of cute nn's like Mika, Mina, Nika, Dinka
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    Domini is quite cute, but is it just a made up name? We prefer names that have a heritage of some sort. Would Dominika be pronounced the same as Dominica? Also I feel like she'd go through life saying, I'm Dominika with a K

    And I agree on the -que thing, unfortunately it has stereotypical associations like with Monique (at least that was what first sprung to mind for me)

    Thanks for all your feedback, great sounding board this site is

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