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    A middle for Olive

    Looking for an ideal for middle for Olive. I typically would use a family name in the middle spot but Olive was my great grandmother's name so I don't feel that is necessary. If we were to have an Olive she would be welcomed by big brother Maverick. I like classic older names and names that you don't hear everyday and we are fans of what would be considered 'wild west ' names! . Is that picky enough?

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    I second Olive Susannah, but I would spell it Susanna. Then she would literally be O. Susanna! That might be a bit cheesy, but I also think it's kind of cute. Plus, Susanna does have a sort of "wild west" appeal to it.

    Other ideas...
    - Olive Theodora
    - Olive Theodosia
    - Olive Ireland
    - Olive Imogen
    - Olive Georgiana
    - Olive Tallulah
    - Olive Eleanora
    - Olive Leonora
    - Olive Dorothea
    - Olive Temperance
    - Olive Henrietta
    - Olive Lucinda
    - Olive Josephine
    - Olive Wilhelmina
    - Olive Winifred
    - Olive Lavinia
    - Olive Constance
    - Olive Cordelia
    - Olive Eulalia

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