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    My first thought from the title was Ariadne. How about:
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    Quote Originally Posted by rowanasabe View Post
    Okay. Before I start, I'm warning you now-- I'm a hippie woo-woo intuitive who reads tarot cards as a part-time job. And this post reflects that

    My gut tells me I will be pregnant in the fall of this year with a girl. Husband and I are not trying at the moment, but we are open to a baby within the next year, year and a half.

    In meditation, I've been connecting with a bright soul who I feel will be my daughter.

    Thing is, every time I tune into her, her name comes to me as "Airish".

    Arabel, Ara, Arina, Arielle.

    I'm not a fan of those names and neither is husband. I'm very into earthy and nature-y names. However, I would like to find a name I love that fits the criteria of "airy". It doesn't have to sound like "Air" but perhaps could sound light, bright, and sunshine-y.

    Okay, berries! Go! If you'd like

    ETA: The name doesn't have to sound airy, either, it can have a light meaning or feeling... I'm open to all sorts of interpretations.

    Perhaps her name sounds "airish" and you are looking for something airy, light, bright, and sunshine-y because you are picking up on a soul who will be incarnating from the elemental realm. When I read what you wrote, it sounds a lot like this soul has fairy energy.

    A few names that come to mind:
    Faye/Faya Rose

    Also any flower names that you can think of would probably fit in with your description (Violet, Rose, Calla, etc.)

    Arielle is also a fairy name (I have a crystal fairy guide named Arielle).
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    wow, you are all amazing!!!

    okay--oliviasarah, thanks so much for that info. I do believe it will help.

    emsky, redwoofey, faithnamer and nooshi- thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous lists! Right now what is popping out at me are Aurelia, Phoebe, Serafina/phina, Wisteria, Zia, Meadow, Lumina, Peridot, Serena.

    And faithnamer, yes, all these interests are fascinating... in fact, I totally plan on a hypno-birth That's awesome that you're mom is a healer.
    I love earthy and bohemian names.

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