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    Favorites atm...
    Vendela Solveig Linnea-Leonore Majken Elisabet-Penelope Hilda Ophelia
    Elsa Solveig Linnea-Penny Majken Elisabet-Kira Hilda Ophelia

    Viggo Peter Mikael-Elliot Per Lennart-Alvin Sven Filip
    Dominic Peter Mikael-Tristan Per Lennart-Caspian Sven Filip

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    Briony Imogen
    Harlan Beck

    Good luck!
    Lee X

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    Merritt is an interesting choice. I just came across Eamon today, but I don't think DH will go for it.
    Mona is my mom's name and she has already made it very clear that we should never name a child after her. Lol, she has hated her name all her life, poor thing.

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    What about Andrew instead of Anders? I like Andrew a lot - it's a solid name, but not as common as names like Mike, Mark, & John.

    I love Brenna.

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    For a boy I really like Zane with your other children's names but Zane Beck is kinda choppy. What about Zachary Beck? Ari could be a nickname instead of Zack.

    The Baby Name Wizard book suggests the following sibling names for Tegan: sisters- Hayden, Ainsley, Kaya, Kenzie, Finley
    Brothers- Kieran, Rylan, Cormac, Finnegan, Rowan, Kane
    I really like Ainsley, Rowan (unisex) and Cormac nn Mack with your kids!

    Sisters for Cale (I'm assuming this is similar to your son's name)
    Bree, Mallory, Paige, Autumn, Bailey, Jordan
    Brothers- Rhett, Chase, Carter, Ty, Grayson, Dalton

    Mallory would sound nice with your other kids as well.

    I hope those suggestions help!
    Morgan Daniel
    Nolan Zachary
    Zachary Morgan

    Audrey June "AJ"
    Miranda June "Mira" "Andie" "MJ"
    Natalie Rae
    Zoe Nadine

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