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    Nov 2013
    18. Slytherin.

    Dominic Evander Hale & Isalie Arianwen Victoire
    Nico & Isa

    Iris Ophelia Merrow - Leolin Evadne Fleur - Thessaly Raphaella Irene
    Louis Eleazar Dean - Remus Valerian Prewett - Theodore Regulus Arlo

    my full naming lists

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    Mar 2014
    LN: White

    DW: Melody Faye
    DH: Ernest Ethan

    DS: Ashton Bradley
    DS: Grayson Reese
    DD: Brooke Natalia
    DS: Conor Orion
    DD/DD: Lilliana Sonnet and Heather Magnolia
    DS: Sterling Gavin
    DD: Skye Adele
    DS: Hunter Reed
    DD: Jasmine Fawn

    Ducks: Bobbles, Goggles, and Pipsqueak
    Chickens: Peeper, Noodle, Penny, and Chic
    Horses: Rebel, Lark, and Bliss
    Dogs: Chewbacca (boxer) and Jekyll (Lab)

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    Feb 2013
    LN: Fisher

    DW: Anna Elizabeth
    DH: Nathanial Joseph

    DS: Kyle Logan "Ky"
    DS: Reese Carson
    DD: Mary Natalia
    DS: Julian August "Ian"
    DD/DD: Violet Aurora & Juniper Rose "June"
    DS: Riley Dylan
    DD: Adele Hailey
    DS: Silas Reed
    DD: Willow Sierra

    Ducks: Dewey & Scuba
    Chickens: Eggbert, Alfredo & Penny
    Horses: Turtle & Acorn
    Dogs: Jester (Boxer), Hyde (Labrador) & Frost (Husky)

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    Jan 2014
    Surnames: Woods
    DW: Emma Raleigh
    DH: Reagan Shane

    DS: Ashton Hawk
    DS: Grey Reese
    DD: Dawn Amaya
    DS: Connor Django
    DD/DD: Ainsley Heather and Summer Azalea
    DS: Teague Riley
    DD: Sonnet Ocean
    DS: Rylan Jasper
    DD: Avis Sofia

    Ducks: Ping, Bobbles, and Splash
    Chickens: Penny, Noodle, Tender, and Henny
    Horses: Swift, Spirit, and Warrior
    Dogs: Bandit the Boxer, Dax the Labrador, and Flurry the Husky

    Vote on my list!

    Quote Originally Posted by William Shakespeare
    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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    Oct 2013
    Surnames: Greene

    You: your choice

    Spouse: your choice

    DS: Cedar Hawk
    DS: Grayson Knight
    DD: Lavender Mary
    DS: Wolf August
    DD/DD: Magnolia Rose & Violet Meadow
    DS: Dylan Bay
    DD: Sonnet Rain
    DS: Chase Hunter
    DD: Lilac Poppy

    Ducks: Daffy, Goggles & Ping

    Chickens: Noodle, Penny & Eggo

    Horses: Lark & Midnight

    Dogs: Labrador: Wizard & Husky: Frost

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