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    Nov 2013
    thinking about...

    Arabella - Cora - Juliet - Rosalie
    Arthur - Dominic - Frederick - Theodore

    annika claudia cordelia elara evangeline flora ginevra irene milena ottilie raphaella severine verity vivienne
    arlo benedict dean draco fabian evander hale hector hugo louis lupin peter priam regulus remus sirius

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    Mar 2014
    LN: White

    DW: Melody Faye
    DH: Ernest Ethan

    DS: Ashton Bradley
    DS: Grayson Reese
    DD: Brooke Natalia
    DS: Conor Orion
    DD/DD: Lilliana Sonnet and Heather Magnolia
    DS: Sterling Gavin
    DD: Skye Adele
    DS: Hunter Reed
    DD: Jasmine Fawn

    Ducks: Bobbles, Goggles, and Pipsqueak
    Chickens: Peeper, Noodle, Penny, and Chic
    Horses: Rebel, Lark, and Bliss
    Dogs: Chewbacca (boxer) and Jekyll (Lab)

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    Feb 2013
    LN: Fisher

    DW: Anna Elizabeth
    DH: Nathanial Joseph

    DS: Kyle Logan "Ky"
    DS: Reese Carson
    DD: Mary Natalia
    DS: Julian August "Ian"
    DD/DD: Violet Aurora & Juniper Rose "June"
    DS: Riley Dylan
    DD: Adele Hailey
    DS: Silas Reed
    DD: Willow Sierra

    Ducks: Dewey & Scuba
    Chickens: Eggbert, Alfredo & Penny
    Horses: Turtle & Acorn
    Dogs: Jester (Boxer), Hyde (Labrador) & Frost (Husky)

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    Jan 2014
    Surnames: Woods
    DW: Emma Raleigh
    DH: Reagan Shane

    DS: Ashton Hawk
    DS: Grey Reese
    DD: Dawn Amaya
    DS: Connor Django
    DD/DD: Ainsley Heather and Summer Azalea
    DS: Teague Riley
    DD: Sonnet Ocean
    DS: Rylan Jasper
    DD: Avis Sofia

    Ducks: Ping, Bobbles, and Splash
    Chickens: Penny, Noodle, Tender, and Henny
    Horses: Swift, Spirit, and Warrior
    Dogs: Bandit the Boxer, Dax the Labrador, and Flurry the Husky

    Vote on my list!

    Quote Originally Posted by William Shakespeare
    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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    Oct 2013
    Surnames: Greene

    You: your choice

    Spouse: your choice

    DS: Cedar Hawk
    DS: Grayson Knight
    DD: Lavender Mary
    DS: Wolf August
    DD/DD: Magnolia Rose & Violet Meadow
    DS: Dylan Bay
    DD: Sonnet Rain
    DS: Chase Hunter
    DD: Lilac Poppy

    Ducks: Daffy, Goggles & Ping

    Chickens: Noodle, Penny & Eggo

    Horses: Lark & Midnight

    Dogs: Labrador: Wizard & Husky: Frost

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