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    Jul 2011
    Surnames: Brooks

    You: Lyra Juliet
    Spouse: Lachlan Felix

    DS: Indigo Birch
    DS: Skyler Frost (Sky)
    DD: Mary Snow
    DS: August Julian (Gus)
    DD/DD: Magnolia Aurora and Rose Sage
    DS: River Bay
    DD: Pippa Lavender
    DS: Jasper Kai
    DD: Juniper Lilac (June)

    Ducks: Daisy and Louis and Ping
    Chickens: Penny and Loco and Henny
    Horses: Bliss and Midnight and Arrow and Dancer and Shadow and Song and Whisper
    Dachshund: Joe
    Labrador: Wizard
    Husky: Blue and Frost

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    Oct 2013
    Surnames: Winters
    You: Jane Amity
    DH: Caleb Andrew
    DS: Skyler Weston (13)
    DS: Reese Knight (12)
    DD: Aurora Eve (11)
    DS: August Orion (9)
    DD/DD: Violet Summer & Juniper Amaya (8)
    DS: Gavin Riley (5)
    DD: Pippa Skye (4)
    DS: Kai Jasper (2)
    DD: Willow Song (Newborn)

    Ducks: Scuba, Pipsqueak & Mr. Flappy
    Chickens: Frankenchicken, Feather Butt, Arnold Schwarten-Egger, Henny & Penny
    Horses: Evening (Aurora’s horse) , Morning (Violet’s horse) & Midnight (Junie’s horse), Thunder (Skyler’s horse) & Lightning (Reese’s horse), Arrow (Everyone’s horse).

    Dogs: Alaska, Tundra, & Arroway

    Beatrice Flora Jane, Clara Felicity Kate, Rosalie Linnea Tess, Alexa Coralie Eve, Emmeline Alaska Sophie,
    Charlie Jay, Gideon Bruce, Henry Liam

    Also searching for ways to include:
    Adeline, Avalon, Eliza, Greta, Imogen, Isla, Leora, & Winnie.
    Asher, Caleb, Edwin, Felix, Grant, Hugo, Lachlan, Ronan, Rhett, & Wyatt.

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    Dec 2012
    LN Winters

    DW Annabel Victoria (40)
    DH Emmett Joseph (41)

    Bradley Kyle (20)
    Canyon Bryce (17)
    Holly Aurora (15)
    August Wolf (14)
    Magnolia Hope & Jasmine Lilliana (11)
    Falcon Orion (8)
    Pippa Adele (6)
    Jasper Reed (5)
    Snow Rose (3)

    Ducks - Huey, Duey and Louis (males)
    Chickens - Chickadee, Henny and Penny (all females)
    Horses - Shadow Bear, Flaming Heart, and Victory Rebel (all males)
    Husky - Tundra (female)

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    Aug 2013
    LN: Brown

    DS: Canyon Skylar
    DS: Onyx Carson
    DD: Natalia Mary
    DS: Django Ember
    DD/DD: Azalea Cypress & Serenity Violet
    DS: Falcon Delano
    DD: Adele Marina
    DS: Jasper Silas
    DD: Lilac Sierra

    Ducks: Billingsworth, Sprinkles, Buffy the Quacker Slayer, Pipsqueak
    Dogs: Chewbacca, Arroway, Denali

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    Sep 2012
    DS: Weston Kyle
    DS: Skyler Gray
    DD: Amaya Noelle
    DS: Kai August
    DD/DD: Violet Magnolia / Liliana Sage
    DS: Orion Sterling
    DD: Adele Pippa
    DS: Jasper Reed
    DD: Sofia Rose

    Ducks - Billingsworth, Daisy, Louis, and Puddles.
    Horses - Spirit, Lark, and Arrow.
    Dogs - Bento (Boxer), Dax (Labrador), and Blue (Husky).

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