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    Thanks apollonia! I do think I have probably uncovered every potential biblical girl's name, though! I find that the prettiest ones tend to belong to unsavory characters which makes me shy away a bit. (Sapphira, Penina, Delilah... even Vashti is kind of interesting to me, but alas, a wicked queen)

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    kiki18 - Thanks for the list! I'll check into some of those. I'm not sure where you are located, but I understand Maisie is pretty popular in the UK. In the US, its not even in the top 1000. I feel pretty safe with that since I would use a ranked name as long as it wasn't at the top or looking to be heading there very shortly. Thanks for the heads up though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fairchild View Post
    I'm looking for baby girl name suggestions! DH and I already have two sons. Without saying what their names are, they have what I consider to be fun and lively biblical names. Think more along the lines of Asa and Ezekiel than John and Peter. I've looked and looked for biblical girls names, but there just aren't many, and most are a little heavy and serious for us.

    Maisie - My top name right now, honors a family member, I know some find it to be too much of a nickname, but I'm not really concerned about that. Names like Lily, Lucy and Zoey are so popular; I think it fits right in. I'm just not sure if its THE name.

    Marta: a newer consideration, I can't quite decide. Is it fun? Is it stodgy?
    Petra: too modern sounding? I do like an old fashioned name, which this IS but it doesn't quite sound like it is. If that makes sense.
    Phoebe: the best option on paper. It is biblical and lively. I'm just not sold.

    Seriously considered for our sons had they been girls, but not likely to be used anymore: Greta, Ivy and Zelda

    I don't know if these fit my style of boy's names, but they are long time favorites: Beatrice, Matilda and Rosemary

    Too ordinary with my unusual boys' names?: Josephine, Eleanor and Lucy

    Whew. Neurotic indeed. Writing it all out makes me feel a little nutty. I think I've looked at every name on the planet, but maybe someone can put a name in a new light for me. Calling any and all suggestions, Berries, I know you have it in you!

    I love Maisie, though I fear that like Maddie it is getting too common.
    Marta does not seem stodgy to me at all. I used to know a wild and crazy Marta. Martha is more stodgy.
    Petra is a fabulous name!
    Phoebe to me is forever the character on friends, though the birds of that name are quite lovely.
    Greta, no. Ivy and Zelda are good names, but it sounds as though you have name fatigue about them.
    Beatrice, Matilda, Rosemary are all good names.
    Josephine and Eleanor are strong names, but I don't think of them as fun so much as sturdy.
    Lucy I just don't like and there are too many Lucy girls out there (no offense to them meant).

    I like Petra and Marta best - they are sporty and fun and if you don't mind popularity, I'd throw in Maisie too.

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    Without knowing your boys names it's hard to say, but pretty much all the biblical boys names are pretty popular right now so I don't think they are wildly out of style from Lucy, Eleanor or Josephine, Beatrice, Matilda, Rosemary and like another poster said, often times the boy and girl names are stylistically a little different anyway in any give set of siblings. So if you love those names I think they will probably work well. In fact I think biblical boy names would go with just about any style really, save maybe modern converted surnames like Harper, but I'm sure plenty of parents also do that anyway.
    I agree with you on Petra, it sounds both old fashioned and modern at the same time, which is quite the trick. I also think it would go well with a biblical boys name. I think Marta is lovely, may be mistaken for Martin sometimes because it sounds like it and would be unfamiliar to many people. I don't think it's stodgy at all, it seems lovely and elegant with a little spunk. I'm not sure where you are from, but it's more unusual in the US to give Maisie as a full name and not use it as a nickname, it is a little cutesy, personally I prefer it as a nickname for Margaret or the like. I personally really don't like Phoebe, it's a good name and hits a sweet spot between unusual but familiar and not too popular. It's just those repeating ee-ee sounds, it's like nails on a chalkboard to me.
    Have you considered Naomi? I think it's similar to Phoebe but I personally think it sounds much lovelier. I also agree that Esther and Miriam are lovely choices. Also, Aviva, Marian, Coraline, Daphne, Eloise, Helena, Sylvie.

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    Well, I still like Petra best, with nickname Polly or Petronella or Petrova.

    I like Lolly and Polly and Dolly and Holly and all those cheery, bouncy, zesty girls' names.

    I like Daphne a lot too.

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