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    Names for twins? (B/G)

    Hi! Forgive me for saying this, but I'm fairly new and hadn't heard of this site until one of my friends recommended it to me when my (veery opinionated) husband and I couldn't decide on two names that fit together well for twins that are coming soon - just one more trimester now. Anyhow, it's been six months and we still can't agree on a name, nonetheless two names.

    For our boy, I always wanted a boy with a name like Ezra, Ira, Emory, something vowel-heavy, not too strange, and not too long. But, my husband thinks those are too effeminate for our son, and wants a more masculine name for him. I'm not against a more masculine name, but I don't want our son to be one of eight Jacks or four Dylans.

    For our girl, I want a classic name that contrasts with her twin's name, and since I've always kind of been a connoisseur of girls' names, I can't put a finger on one right for her. I love Helena (nn Lena) and Maeve currently, but my preferred names seem to change all the time.

    I know it's not a good explanation and I'm not quite sure what else to put here... But I would appreciate any advice that can come from some unbiased people on the internet and not my friends who want their godchildren named after them

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    I don't know how you feel about it but I know if I we're having twins I would be so tempted to give them names with the same first letter, so I'll list them that way but if you don't like that just imagine them switched around or not like that. Sorry if our tastes are just completely off.

    Maddox & Maeve (Maddox is masculine and unique and I just have a thing for the X)

    Henry & Helena (Henry is cute but still very manly)(I also like Harper for a girl or boy)

    Arthur & Arabella or Adeline
    Calvin or Camden & Cadence or Charlotte
    Ethan or Easton & Eira (it's supposed to be pronounced like Ira and I think it looks pretty)
    Lucan or Landon & Lucy or Lillian
    Odin (I love this and the nickname Odie) & Ophelia or Olivia or even Odette
    Rowan & Rhiannon
    Wyatt & Willa or Willow

    Hope I wasn't too out there with those! Good luck, they will be amazing no matter what you name them. Congrats!
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    I adore Helena

    I think it's best if you give twins names starting with different letters. Twins I know with great combos: Hannah & Jack; Bronwyn & Michelle; Penny & Ruth.

    Helena & Easton
    Helena & Eamon
    Helena & Edison
    Helena & Edmond
    Helena & Edwin
    Helena & Elliott
    Helena & Elijah
    (Maeve and Elijah sounds better. Less rhyme-y).
    Helena & Eric
    Helena & Ethan
    Helena & Evan
    Helena & Ezekiel

    Helena & Ian
    Helena & Irvin
    Helena & Irwin
    Helena & Isaac
    Helena & Isaiah
    Helena & Ivan
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    Twins how fun!!!

    I also adore Helena!! It's a gorgeous name!!
    Since there has already been many combos suggested I apologize for repeats...
    Helena & Milo
    Lucia & Milo
    Lucia & Arlo
    Lucia & Matteo
    Helena & Matteo
    Flora & Asher
    Dahlia & Auden
    Helena & Axel
    Lucia & Axel

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