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    Gun Names for Girls?!

    Sorry if this will confuse anyone or if it's extremely long!

    Our second child is on her way and I'm going to go insane! With our son's name, I got to choose his first name and my husband chose his middle name (Jackson Colt "Jax") and agreed we'd alternate who got to pick the first name and who got to pick the middle name. This time, it's my husband's turn to pick a first name and I don't think I can make good on this deal. He's big into hunting/guns/other things of the sort and wants to use a gun name as her first name (like how he chose Jax's middle name). His top 3 names are Magnum "Maggie", Cannon "Annie", and Savage "Ava". I honestly don't mind the nicknames but I cannot stand the first names! He said if he doesn't pick a gun name he wants something "cool" like MoonLight, Booldrayne, or Midnight. One thing we can agree on is that we'd like for her to have a nickname like her brother. My actual question is, can you think of any "gun names" or names similar to the sort that are actual names (I don't like Beretta or Remington) that I could suggest to my husband? Or even some names that go well with Jackson and have a more unusual nickname? I don't even know what I'm asking for...I'm just asking for anything that I can throw at my husband so our daughter won't have one of the above as her name! I haven't really said an official middle name choice yet, but I am leaning towards Grace, Noelle, or Molly (all have family importance).

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    Are there any famous female marksmen that have good names? Maybe that could be a compromise.

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    I hadn't thought of that! Thank you for the idea, I'll definitely look into it!

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    All I can think of is Annie or Oakley.
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    How about Oakley, as in Annie Oakley?

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