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Thread: Jericho

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    Hi everyone we think we've decided on Jericho for the first name but we're unsure of what middle name to choose. We havent decided on a girls name yet but we're just happy to have finally chosen the boys name.

    We like
    Jericho Parker
    Jericho Maximus
    Jericho Xavier
    Jericho Tristan

    we do like them all but we can't really imagine using any of them so we just need some more suggestions. we have a few months as I'm due in august but we want it done so we dont have to worry about it anymore! im probably going to create a new thread in the girls forum too as we're really struggling for the girls name!

    thank you

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    Jericho sounds great! Very cool name. Some suggestions for middles:

    Jericho Arthur
    Jericho Blake
    Jericho Titus
    Jericho Magnus

    Good luck!

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    Thank you so much! I like Jericho Blake, Jericho Magnus, Jericho Flynn, Jericho Archer & Jericho Silas!

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