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    Please help me .................

    I have finally found to names i love after all this months

    The names are Mem & Asta .

    The questions are :

    1: do you think that they should be short for something ?
    I like Anastasia nn Asta & Remember nn Mem but iam not sure ...

    2:With what middles would you pair them ?
    Any suggestions ? I would prefer short middles like June / Junia , Sage etc

    3: Any names similar to Mem & Asta ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Asta is gorgeous. You could use it on its own or as a nickname for Anastasia. Awesome idea!

    Mem is cute & spunky! There is a famous children's book author in Australia who was born Merrion but goes by Mem Fox. You could probably use it for other M names too. It also reminds me of Mim, which is often a nickname for Miriam. Perhaps it could also be short for Gemma, Emma or Emmeline.

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    Love both Remember and Anastasia...

    Maybe Remember Danae and Anastasia Eos.
    Seraphina Isolde Paige Cressida Melody Charlotte Cecily Despina Bridget Rosalyn Cvijeta Dorothea Millicent Gwenllian Beatrice Aurora Rosamund Matilda Nimue Sunniva Giselle Griselda Amoret Helena Anastasia Elaine Isabella Briseis Freya Blanche Paisley Flora Robin Magnus Percy Tristan Ansel Lysander Arthur Edmund Balthazar Dimitri Emil Amaury Erik Dylan Dorian Florian Gustav Harley Roland Ludwig Arlo Orpheus Amadeus Lucius Remy Thorin Hugo Edgar David Beowulf Wesley Roman Sylvan Maximilian Storm

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    These are nice. A brainstorm:
    Jemima nn Mim
    Imogen nn Mim
    Mimosa nn Mim (I would only recommend that as a middle however)
    I think a lot of names beginning with M could plausibly have Mim as a nn.


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    Thanks all of you for your replys ! I really apreciate it !

    lee1981 : thanks ! Emmeline is beautiful.
    sorceress : Anastasia Eos is stunning !
    jesba : thanks ! Astoria is really pretty .

    Any other suggestions

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