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Thread: Gender Reveal

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    Gender Reveal

    This will be our first baby, and the first grand baby for both my parents and Dh's parents.

    We decided to do a gender reveal. In July when we go for the gender scan, we will not watch while the sonographer determines gender. Our sonographer will then call my Dad once we leave to let him know what color
    the inside of the cake he will bake needs to be. We will then have DH's family and my family over to my parents house and when my husband and I cut into the cake we will find out if this bumblebee is a boy or a girl all as a family.

    We are pretty excited about it, and my Dad has always loved to bake and is super glad about being the first family member to know what baby is.

    Anyone else planning on doing any type of gender reveal?

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    We found out at the anatomy scan if we were having a boy or a girl, but we didn't tell anyone else. Then that weekend we had a gender reveal party. I made cupcakes for everyone to bite into at once. We made a math puzzle worksheet (my husband and I are both math teachers) to tell everyone our picks for names, and had them use it to vote if they thought it was a boy or girl. Lots of themed snacks and decorations, it was a lot of fun. Great way to tell everyone we were having another girl!
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    Such a wonderful idea! Good luck and congratulations
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    @stephykneejo - that is super cute, especially the math puzzle worksheet! I love it. I hope others post so we can hear all of their creative ideas.

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    Sounds cute, but alas I'm not that patient. We had all our children with us when she told us gender.
    As soon as I got home I uploaded the 3D image of the baby's face and sent a text out to the grandparent saying "Meet your new granddaughter". To everyone else I sent the same image with "Meet our new daughter".
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