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    Call my DS (Jonah) J-Bones or Bubba (we were team green and called him bubba in the womb).
    call my dog Charley - Chaz
    call my cat Gus - Gustaf or Gusses, or Gusman
    DH and I do not have nicknames.
    Mommy to Jonah Elias

    Baby "B" ON THE WAY!!

    Girls: Cora, Penelope, Hannah, Felicity, Etta, Sela, Calla, Vivienne, Juliet, Winnie, Autumn, Amelia, Piper, Elodie, Celia
    Boys: Bram, Cyrus, Asher, Raylan, Bastian, Tobias, Owen, Levi, Jonah, Elias, Silas, Augustus, Atticus, Harlan, Jack, Micah

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    My friend Ashley gets called Shelly by another friend, Smash by me, and I am Lari (like Larry) to her. I call my friend Sarah Sar-Bear and went through a stage where my friend Casey and I called one another "Guava" and "Avocado". My sister calls me Little Duck or Ducky, nine in return she is occasionally Big Duck. I have grown to almost always refer to my dog Logan as Lolo, and my other dog Jetta is frequently just "Boo".

    Haha, I know people with lots of nicknames. (Some have normally nicknames, too, but I left those out)

    Amaryllis * Holiday * Cordelia * Waverly * Seraphina * Calliope * Olympia * Zephyrine * Genevieve * Marguerite

    Phineas * Caspian * Orlando * Florian * Sullivan * Laszlo * Thaddeus * Virgil * Ozias * Ambrose

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    I'm called Er-Bear (air-bear) a lot. My little man is usually called Red because his name means "Red-haired" and he just happens to have red hair, or we call him Ray Ray. I'm not sure why, but it fits him.
    Mommy to Reid Christopher. <3

    My favorite names:
    Quinn ~ Lyle ~ Dawson ~ Beau ~ Clark

    Olive ~ Lydia ~ Georgia ~ Violet ~ Emilia

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    My nickname is Sis because my older brother couldn't pronounce my name when I was born so I became sissy. Now my older brother is the only one who doesn't call me sis anymore haha. My two younger brothers, my dad and my grandma all call me Sis and my mom calls me Sis Wis.

    My dog Grover is Grovey, G, G-Man, G Wizz, Grover All Over, Grovington, and Gro-Bot
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    Nathaniel "Nate"-Nolan


    Crushing On
    Morgan Daniel-Nathaniel Hayes
    Nathaniel Zane-Nolan Zachary

    Anna Josephine "AJ"~Josie Lucille
    Miranda June "MJ"/"Andy"~Zoe Nadine

    Anna "AJ" & Zachary "Zack"
    Anna "AJ" & Zoe
    Grant & Audrey
    Josephine "Josie" & Nathaniel "Nate"

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    I'm Jasmine, and I've been Jazz or Jazzy to most people. I don't like it at all, but it's stuck. A friend of mine and her sister have nicknamed me Jazzy-min, and I was Jazz-man & Jazz-manly (my middle name is Lee) to most people in my class for a couple years. I have one friend who calls me by my last name, or J (shortened lastname), which I love. It suits me perfectly. My best friend calls me Lee or Judy Lee.

    My cat, Heidi has a few nicknames too, she is Heids, Heideid (think tie-died with an H on the front), Hiddy & Hiddles.
    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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