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    Husband’s Favourites - What do you recommend for a compromise?

    Dear All,

    Please see below my husband's preferences for our future girl / s... We have similar taste BUT he doesn't like Arabella & I am in love with Arabella. I would like our daughter to be named Arabella Louise. Any suggestions on how we compromise?

    (These names are ranked in order of his preference)

    1) Penelope
    2) Clementine
    2) Amelia

    We will be using the middle name Louise, I adore all the first names but don't love any of them with Louise, none of them jump out at me... can you try to sway me?

    Penelope Louise (love the name worried it is becoming too popular, dont love it with Louise)
    Clementine Louise (loved this name forever but worried it is too out there and don't like any of the nicknames.. I love classic names and also don't like it with Louise)
    Amelia Louise (love but it way too popular)

    What other names would you recommend?

    Thank you!
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