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  • Clementine Annabelle Ross

    26 59.09%
  • Clementine Violet Ross

    18 40.91%
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    Which middle name?

    We're having trouble deciding between two middle names. We've narrowed it down to two and decided we're not going to use 2 middle names. The choices:

    Clementine Annabelle Ross
    Other people I've asked think this makes the name prettier. This is what my DF prefers. I feel like Annabelle ruins the charm/old feeling of Clementine.

    Clementine Violet Ross
    This seems more classic/vintage to me and I really like it. I think Clementine and Violet go together well because they are from the same category/style.

    We're trying to have our final decision by Tuesday!

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    Hands down, Clementine Annabelle.

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    Clementine Annabelle flows better. I also feel that putting two plant / nature names together is just over doing it.
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    I like Clementine Annabelle best for you. And I'm sure the dad would appreciate his "front-runner" being chosen. I don't think Annabelle takes anything away from Clementine in the least.
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    I suppose there's just taste - to me both Annabelle and Violet are lovely vintage names that are currently in vogue moreso than Clementine. Violet maybe even moreso than Annabelle. Clementine Violet does sound nice in flow, but I agree, it's a lot of plant in one name. I also think that it's a good compromise to go with his favorite for the middle if you can bear it since your favorite is up front. There's nothing bad at all about Clementine Annabelle.

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