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    Sibling for Finley and Simon?


    We are expecting our third child (and last!) and are having trouble choosing a name. We have two boys, Finley and Simon. My husband's name is Marcus (Mark) and his surname is Braverman (yes, like the family in Parenthood). My name is Rose and all of the children will have my surname, Hardwick, for middle names.

    Here is our close family for reference: (in relation to the baby)

    Grandparents: Robert, Julie, Timothy and Katherine
    Aunts: Grace and Joanna
    Uncles: Thomas and Bradley
    Cousins: Christopher, Nicolas, Allison and Kelsey.

    For girls we like Scout, Alice, and the nickname Gwen (either from Guinevere or Gwendolen) and for boys we like Bran, Peter, and Theodore. I don't think Scout fits with Finley and Simon but my husband really likes it... Also, we don't love Brandon but aren't sure if Bran can stand on its own and/or will be too strongly associated with Bran Stark from Game of Thrones. Those six are the front runners however, we are totally open to other suggestions!

    Thank you
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    My daughter is Scout! It is rare to see another Scout, though our dentist has one too. I also like your Gwen choices, though they are very elegant next to Finley. Peter is probably my favorite for boys. You never hear it, but it is a strong name. Other suggestions would be:
    Beatrix - Fleur - Minnow - Zelda - Fern - Winifred - Poet

    Wolfgang - Atlas - Huck - Abraham - Ernest - Ulysses - Fox - Alasdair

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    I really like Bran Hardwick Braverman!! I like the shortness of Bran compaired to his middle and last name. Makes it less of a mouthful to say. I personally prefer Brann only due to it giving it more of a first name length to it. I think Bran sits well on its own like the name Bram does.

    I honestly did not automatically think Game of Thrones when I read your concern in your other thread. Hopefully no children will know what Game of Thrones is any way, or at least not well enough to associate your sons name with the show. That would be what I'd be concerned about due to school bullies.

    To me Peter does not fit well with Finley, and Simon. I love Theodore, and how it fits so nicely with his siblings!! But I find that Theodore Hardwick Braverman is a bit of a mouthful to say. Granted, he most likely won't be called by his full name often. Love the nn Theo.

    I think you have a winner between Theodore or Bran for if you have a boy.

    Alice is a sweet name, and fits well with Finley and Simon. I like the option of the nn Ali/Allie, but is not necessary becuase Alice is a stand alone name as well. I pick this over the rest.

    Gwen I like. Guinevere and Gwedolen are quite long to be paired with the middle and last name combo, at least to me. I like Gwenna as an alternative. Gwen also fairs well on its own as a first name.

    Scout is such a fun name however, you are right about it not fitting well with Finley and Simon. If both of you do not like it I'd consider it as a nn for another name that sounds better with your boys name. possibly starting with 'S'.
    Savannah- I met a savannah with the nn Scout. Her mom did not want her called Savvy.

    Or any name really. A nn doesn't have to directly come from a name.
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