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    Please please help...

    deleted thanks!
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    I am so sorry that you are going through this. I don't want to be rude but your partner is being 100%, completely and utterly selfish if she goes ahead with this name.

    I can fully understand why you are panicked and upset about it. NyKai is just terrible - I do not have a single positive thing to say about it and everyone will assume it is pronounced Nigh Kai as well.

    That said, I am terrible at making suggestions, but my advice would be to really calmly and kindly explain how upset you are - and will be - if she goes ahead with a name that you truly dislike like this.

    I'm almost angry. This is so unfair to you. I hope some of the more experienced and creative berries will be able to help you.

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    Rather than making specific suggestions, I recommend you pull up the SSA baby name list and start going through it. If your partner wants something unusual, start at number 250 and write down every name you like. Give her the list; surely she'll find something there to like.
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    10 char ....
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    I'm so sorry. This is tough and your partner is being totally unfair. I think if she wants to use her maiden name as a middle name, that's perfectly fine. However, you have a right to have 50% of the say in your child's name, you have a right to have a say in the first name. Trinity is NMS, but Kaitlyn Alexandria is lovely. I agree with pp, get a SSA list and go through it - or even start at 1000 and work your way up to #1), writing down names you both like! Nykai is .... really, really unique and not something I like. I don't like how it looks, or how it's pronounced. Maybe an idea would be Niamh? (pronounced Ne-ev) Similar first syllable pronunciation, but this is a legitimate name. Unique, but recognizable.

    I suggest you calmly sit down with your partner. Tell her how her actions made you feel. Don't insult the name she chose (NyKai), instead try to talk about how you can combine her naming style and your naming style to come up with the perfect name for your baby.

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