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    Still can't decide on Etta's middle name...

    I wrote a post awhile ago about DH and I considering the name Etta James. Seriously we love it. I think the problem is obvious. Just for a little background my grandfathers name is James and THE MASCULINE NAME ON A GIRL FOR THE MIDDLE SPOT IS NOT AN ISSUE. As talked about in my last post on the same issue a male family middle name used to be a very popular trend 100 yrs ago. Anyways I need a back up plan incase I decide Etta James is too weird and unoriginal.
    We only use family names for the middle spot.
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    I love Etta James!

    If you change your mind, what about..

    Etta Jaime
    Etta Cecelia
    Etta Celeste
    Etta Mary
    Etta Marie
    Etta Mae
    Etta Azalee
    Etta Kathleen

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    I usually really dislike boy names on girls, but I really love Etta James! Especially as it honours your grandfather It's definitely my favourite out of your options.
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    I hope you realize that Etta James was also a very popular singer who had drug and attitude problems.

    I like Marcella. Marcella James sounds nice.
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    I like Etta James, but as you know, there is the obvious singer connection. She will not use her middle name too often, so I don't think it is a huge deal (if James was your last name, it would be a no-no for me). But, if it does bother you, from your options I prefer Etta Marie and Etta Lee. The others just don't flow IMO. ( i like the suggestions of Etta Jaime, also what about Etta Juliet?)
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