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Thread: Fae or Faye

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    I know two little girls one Fae, one Faye. I've gone back and forth on which I prever. I think I do prefer Fae as it does have that hint of whimsy with the "ae".
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    I like both but with a leaning towards Faye. Have you considered Fay as a compromise?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pistachio View Post
    So, I'll keep this short, or else ramble.

    I prefer Fae, fiance just mentioned that he prefers Faye.

    I think of molasses and mauve if I stare at Faye too long, but do worry that Fae is too ZOMGZZ FANTASY!!! sometimes. I love the ae of Fae. It's just my favorite spelling

    What do you like and dislike about each spelling, which do you prefer?

    Middle name is still being discussed, but we're leaning hard toward Sylvana. Thank you all for your feedback on both issues!
    Both names mean fairy; Faye itself means "fairy", and Fae is simply the plural form of the word (meaning multiple fairies), so there is that elemental/fantasy association. However, I think the names are beautiful and not overwhelming in their associations to the magical.

    With that said, I do prefer the Fae spelling in your case just because the potential middle name already has a "y". Personally, I find Fae Sylvana more visually appealing than Faye Sylvana; having two of the letter "y" would bug me.

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