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    We did no screen time at all until our son turned 2. However, I never made anyone else turn the tv off. So for instance, if we leave him in the church nursery and they show Veggie Tales or something, I am not complaining. So it isn't like he didn't know TV existed. I am the same way about food- I cook lots of healthy food from scratch at home. But if we are out somewhere and someone gives him candy and donuts, I don't restrict that at all.

    Now he watches an episode of Daniel Tiger or Sesame Street on Netflix maybe once or twice a month. Most days, he does not ask for shows at all, he is too busy playing in the dirt or making me read all of the books. We don't have a TV (we just watch stuff on a tablet) so he isn't constantly reminded of the possibility. But he really enjoys the shows and we watch them together and talk about what is happening. I have been amazed by how much these shows impact him, especially given how little he has seen them. He memorizes the little songs and talks to me about the characters as if they were real people. This has really reinforced our decision to continue to limit TV and to not expose him to shows for older kids or grownups or commercials.

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    Octonauts on the iPad with daddy for 20 minutes while I shower in the morning means she knows what the other children are playing at playground but doesn't have square eyes. Baby watches puppy videos on the iPhone when we are waiting in bank line.
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    I haven't given birth to our first yet... but we have literally zero TV channels. The TV is used for the occasional movie or video game, but mostly it is a very large black ornament in our living room. I also don't own an iPad or tablet. Guess our little guy has no choice but to be a "low-to-no media" kid, because I don't feel like shelling out for cable when we have no desire for it!
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    @julylacs - I'm pregnant too with our first and our TV is only for movies, we don't have channels, tablets, computer, etc. I only have Internet on my phone, as does hubby. Like you said our baby will be a low-tech baby as I too do not want to pay for TV channels.

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    We don't have television channels, but we do go to the movies and watch films like The Sandlot and Spirited Away together. I just can't stand the constant noise that cartoons make. Like another poster, I never restrict tv at grandma or anyone else's house. The same goes for junk food like diet soda (I do cringe on the inside).
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