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    Octonauts to the launch bay!

    Hi berries!

    My boys only love two things on the TV: the shark shows of Nature Channel and OCTONAUTS. They are obsessed with octonauts, Knox especially.

    The rest of the time they are busy playing, wrestling, sun bathing on the driveway, and beating each other up with Ninja Turtle swords.

    Do you guys set limits on the TV, or do your kids just seem uninterested in it (besides the Ocotonauts of course) for the time being?

    Have a fabulous day!!!

    (Oh, and is anybody else constantly surrounded by the octo-alert being wailed through the house and stepping on that friggen Peso figurine every other step?)
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    We set limits on the TV. They can't watch more than a half-hour of TV (or play any electronics like iphone games, wii) on school nights. On weekends they can play electronics/watch TV for somewhat longer but they're usually preoccupied with playing outside with their friends.

    I've never heard of Octonauts. We have the cheapest possible cable, though. We had Cartoon Network when we first got TV, but the price went way up, so we had to give up Adventure Time (I think I am sadder than the kids about that!).
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    My kids do all sorts of things against classical parenting "advice." I give them juice, chocolate chip cookies and McDonalds. They aren't enrolled in any sort of enrichment programs, Baby Einstein is anathema; I'm not trying to make them bilingual; I don't believe in private preschool test prep; they are in daycare >40 hrs/week. We scoff at the organic food movement and I drive an ancient SUV. I abide by the 5 second.. or maybe the 10 second.. rule when it comes to eating off the floor. I shoo the 2 year old outside to play in our yard on his own, unsupervised. I drink wine and still nurse the baby. The baby also consumes a large amount of commercial formula and storebought baby food. Disposable diapers only. I don't read books to infants, but I do let her chew on them.

    BUT the TV is disassembled in the garage. Literally, zero TV allowed in the house. Feel quite strongly about its ill effects.
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    The tv is on more than I'd like to admit, but it's for me. It's usually msnbc during the day. He doesn't really pay attention to it except for theme songs (especially Firefly and Mad Men, they're his favorite) and credits.

    We try kids shows every couple of months. He just isn't interested.
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    Our daughter spends quite a bit of time watching TV after preschool while we are fixing dinner, etc. We also just bought her a TV for her room with a DVD player and a Chromecast, but no cable. Doesn't cause us any problems and if we don't put it on for her, she doesn't watch it. To each their own. But she sure does love Henry hugglemomster, doc mcstuffins, and bubble guppies. And we're OK with that, because she is also ahead of her age in a lot of her abilities, like language and numbers and drawing. We aren't worried!
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