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Thread: Wilder Elliot

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    Wilder Elliot

    What are your thoughts about Wilder Elliot? Pacifica (thank you so much) suggested Elliot, among a bunch of other names, as a middle name for Wilder. It jumped out at me and I am really loving it. It actually puts Wilder in a different light. Wilder Elliot seems even more approachable. Elliot would be adding another E to all my other Es and another T ending name. We have no issues with that because they are mixed between first names and middle names. Wilder Elliot would replace Asher Boone.

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    Wilder Elliot is very handsome. I agree that Elliot softens the name to a very world-friendly combo. It has a modern and "gentlemanly" vibe to my ears, and I think the two work well with your other favorite names.
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    I love it. I think it's a lovely name pairing. While Wilder and Elliot are euphonious and are thus similar phonetically, they are both striking counterpoints to each other. Elliot does add a bit of gentleness to Wilder--a polite, gentlemanly contrast to Wilder's dashing image.

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    I really like Wilder Elliot. More than Wilder Pax -- I like the look of this one, and I like Pax, but it's a bit funny to have 'wild' and essentially 'peace' in the same name.

    I also like idea of something to ground Wilder. Elliot is perfect in that sense. Sounds like he might be a writer.

    Just saw this: "Wilder Elliot would replace Asher Boone." Wilder Elliot is more my style, but I still think Asher Boone is a great name. I would be sad for you to let go of this one! ha
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    Wilder Elliot is very nice. Well balanced, masucline, and down-to-earth.

    I'm with emsky, I don't want to see Asher Boone go!

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